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Sharing Healthy Habits That Boost Brain Health

Sharing Healthy Habits That Boost Brain Health found that a healthy body is directly associated with a healthy brain.

The study analyzed several previous studies that focused on ways to help improve or maintain a healthy brain.

The team found several lifestyle factors that helped boost brain health, some of them included:

  • Engage in regular physical activity, physical exercise has been linked to a reduced risk of brain decline.
  • Quite smoking: Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of brain decline, and quitting can reduce a smoker’s risk down to levels comparable to those who have never smoked.
  • Treat conditions that can affect heart health, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • Get enough sleep: Several studies have shown that lack of sleep can be linked with problems in memory and thinking.
  • Eat a healthy, low-fat diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. It is noted that a good diet can address nearly all chronic illnesses, ultimately helping your brain.
  • Keep learning, and remain social

And remember to take your daily dose of probiotics!! New studies prove the efficiency  of this daily routine as the most recent of studies done of brain functionalities.

According to a neurologist at Cornell University, Dr. Norman Relkin:

“All these pieces of advice seem to bear out in the reduction of the development of dementia, we have a lot of knowledge about ways to prevent the deterioration of the brain due to ageing, and they all appear to be beneficial in terms of preserving the health of the brain.”

If you are interested in maintaining a healthy brain, you might want to consider adding these healthy lifestyle factors to your daily routine.

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