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Seasonal Detox Time

One of the most important ‘rituals’ I believe in and I share with all our clients is to do a seasonal detox, thus Seasonal Detox Time. Just as the seasons change and everything around us changes, so too the water we drink changes as it is influenced by all of these external changes; and our bodies go through changes as it is affected by all the changes, be it food, weather, lifestyle etc.

When we do an oil or filter change on our car we do NOT leave the old filter or oil in, but replace all the filters, oils etc. So too we need to reset the parameters in all the body parts. It is well worth it investing in this seasonal detox “experience” and, believe you me, as hard as it might be, it is worth it. ALL works afresh, ALL can reproduce afresh, and the results are NEW, NEW, NEW….

Energy levels are enhanced and what was possibly a ‘tired’ Immune System, now races to do its job with renewed vigour. It is a known truth with modern day clutter, and with toxic overload from every imaginary source ( the air we breathe, the water we drink, medications, lifestyle, toxic thoughts, toxic foods and so we can go on mentioning many many more), we do need to regular detoxes to assist the body in restoration. i.e. = BALANCE. And from this reset the body can and will work afresh with either what you are doing to it or, for that matter feeding it. Remember it is ALL about lifestyle at the end of the day!

This is what the Imsyser product range was developed to do. Assist in a General Detox (Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets)  and Gut Detox ( we have 2 amazing products for this: # 1, a Deep Intestinal Cleanse and # 2, a 12 Strain Pre- & Probiotic Liquid).  This is our core branded IMSYSER product range.

We have added to the series of branded products, 2 more products that may assist in this ‘seasonal detoxing’ we are suggesting:

  1. A Parasite and Candida Cleanse – done over 2 weeks. What an amazing natural plant oil range!!
  2. Kidney Flush – also done over 2 weeks.
  3. And then as per our website:, you may check out the Liver Flush for an even more amazing overnight liver cleanse that produces almost insane results!!

In fact if you were to visit any of the Cancer clinics or websites of those well-known doctors treating cancer you will see that they all START with a cleanse such as this but in more extreme measures. Most modern day ‘dis-eases’ and Cancers are originally of an auto-immune nature where the body ( Immune System) goes into a hay-wire state usually as a result of toxic overload. An aggressive inflammatory response results which in turn switches off the body’s natural defence system to identify the problem cells or intruders and the one thing leads to the next,  DNA changes within the cell and Cancer (growth) results.

In other words we literally don’t have a choice in our intention if our intention is to look after ourselves. To prevent ‘dis-ease’ you have to listen to your body and assist it in this recovery to Health and Vigour. Make this seasonal choice TODAY: To assist your body to give YOU the best it has to give.

Make the time!

We are in the switch over to a NEW SEASON. Start today. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

For more on these amazing products call IMSYSER HO at 086 010 3859.

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