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Many excellent reasons to engage in a regular seasonal detox.

Seasonal detox discussed

There are many excellent reasons to engage in a regular seasonal detox. By supporting the body’s natural detoxification abilities, we can increase energy, rebuild digestion, strengthen immunity and balance hormones and metabolism. The body has powerful systems to remove toxins – lungs, immune system, skin, kidneys, liver, gut – but they can’t always keep up with the toxins that surround us on a daily basis. In addition, many chemicals, heavy metals and fat soluble pollutants resist removal, accumulating in joints, organs, breast tissue, the nervous system and other critical areas.

  1. Start by firstly not eating pro-inflammatory foods and eliminate processed foods as much as possible. Switch to organic produce to reduce toxic pesticide exposure. Alcohol, trans-fats, fatty meats, wheat and sugar are also highly inflammatory.
  2. Drink lots of water: chronic dehydration makes us sluggish, constipated and impairs the body’s ability to flush out toxins. Add a juice of a lemon to improve pH and see the change almost immediately on your skin.
  3. Do a 7 day gut detox cleanse. Seeing is believing the rubbery toxic mucous layer that can be removed over this period. See our amazing product  Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse on
  4. Do a liver and gall bladder flush. See for more on this and experience a massive energy increase after this. Support liver functions daily with Milk Thistle.
  5. Use a daily probiotic. See our amazing Imsyser Microbial Stabiliser Liquid on Pre & probiotics is not a choice as per antibiotic usage but a crucially missing ingredient missing from the eco-system therefore our diets.
  6. Add Herbs and Other Detox Foods: Ginger, turmeric, thyme, fennel, oregano, mint, cinnamon and rosemary are excellent choices.
  7. Exercise: Detox is about movement. We’re moving toxins out of the body. It boosts metabolism and immunity, giving momentum the body’s natural detoxification processes. It also helps release fat-soluble toxins, boost circulation, lower stress hormones and increase overall vitality.
  8. Lifestyle: this is a daily choice!! There is no single recipe for detoxification. Rather, it’s an individualized journey we must modify to meet our specific needs. Most importantly, take it slow. It took a long time for the body to accumulate toxins, and we can’t expect to clean them out in a weekend. Going slowly allows the body time to gently remove toxins at its own pace. So give yourself the time to move at a comfortable pace, and enjoy the process of taking your health to greater heights, naturally!

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