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Seasonal clean-up time….

A Good Cleanse

Some like to do it with full moon but pretty much there is no best time when you are battling with lack of energy issues and various other discrepancies that just keep on repeating themselves. And with all honesty the cry for help with health issues is on the increase….

EVERYTHING is changing around you anyway, the weather , the water; therefore the food so why not clean out the “OLD” with a good healthy seasonal detox; FLUSH. I would hate to be the bearer of bad news but its not getting better as far as toxic load is concerned and then we have the onset of the corona viruses and all hell breaks loose.

So, what do we do to clean out the old?? Well do the routine detoxes if you really mean business with your body. Eg.:

1.     2-3 week PARASITE & CANDIDA cleanse. And repeat seasonally or at least twice yearly:     

2.      7-day DEEP INTESTINAL cleanse. Follow religiously and in chronic cases repeat monthly till all waste seems to be removed for best results. May even be used daily as a regular fibre up in smaller dosage once daily!:

3.     KIDNEY flush daily by just adding lemon juice to your water and in chronic cases add some brewed parsley tea daily as well.

4.     Overnight LIVER flush regularly few times a year or when you feel your liver is overtaxed:

5.     6 month long HEAVY METAL detox repeated as necessary: (may be taken daily)        or used as part of your daily shake

6.     Daily cellular flushing for al your modern day auto-immune discrepancies:

7.     And in aggravated chronic state of health where the underlying cause might be various parasites, bacterial infections, viral infections etc:

In other words, the worst that might happen is that for 2 weeks you are actively investing in your health and the good investment will pay off for at least the full season anything up to 3-4 months!! We actually don’t have a choice with modern day toxic overload!! Do we??

So, let’s tackle the new season with Health and Love the natural way. No drugs! No chemicals! Simple toxic release! Simple choices!! The Imsyser tip of the week, in love….and if you are jumping up and down with all the energy in the world we have been of service. Be Blessed!!

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