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Seasonal Changes & Immune Support

For the Whole Family …

When it comes to staying healthy, you need to support your immune system, it’s that simple! With seasonal changes and possibly a holiday around the corner where we all neglect to conform to good healthy eating principles this becomes a crucially important step NOT to miss, especially when seasonal changes are taking place!  Your immune system is designed to protect you against most harm, external and internal of source, but can only function as well as the health thereof.

Healthy and staying healthy is all about Immunity. We know the average healthy ‘diet’ does not conform to the health requirements to support this need, so we have established that we do need a good Immune supplement. The truth is that the nutritional support from most vegetables is totally deficient because the route source , the ground is deficient in the good old natural support. This results in a change reaction of depletion inclusive of the essential good bacteria required from such plants.

For these purposes Imsyser has 2 amazing products: 

  1. Imsyser 12 Strain Pre& Probiotic range. 500ml & designed for all ages. Call Liza right here at HO regarding her daughters (5years old) miraculous turn around in her health after literally visiting the doctor every few weeks, year in and year out, and was almost as often on antibiotics. Since Imsyser; NO more doctor visits. NO more Immune discrepencies. Optimal health revived!!
  2. Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablets. Liza’s daughter also takes 1 tablets a day as part of her Immune routine and the results speak for themselves. Bio-feedback from many clients confirm the way Imsyser has assisted in the Immune responses and Energy levels are restored.

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