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Root of Disease; What do mean by this?

Root of Disease; What do mean by this?

There has been much discussion as to the root cause of disease; well we like to talk about ‘dis-ease’ since most symptoms are merely a level of dis-function from a state of imbalance. This is true literally for most diseases especially those from a modern day toxicity level like your auto-immune conditions and diseases.


  • Is it toxicity in our bodies that has built up over time from our air, (environment) water and food supply that is the only problem?
  • Or does disease (dis-of-ease) develop as a result of nutritional deficiencies? Maybe hydration deficits?

With diseases such as cancer, something has gone awry in the body-but from what? Is it our genes?

What is the main culprit? What is the root cause of disease? Why me??

We also hear a lot about chronic inflammation and how that leads to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. We also know that our Immune System is our internal mechanism for keeping us in good health. It would make sense that anything that compromises our Immune System would lead to disease of one kind or another.

Yes and yes, of course! We have an amazingly well designed perfect internal ‘eco-system’ that designed to ward off intruders (toxins) but when, as it is today, our body is CONSTANTLY  under attack, at all levels from internal and external sources, Tis is when the problem develops OVER TIME!

I say OVER TIME because so many warning signs as a rule come to us in various forms warning us of pending dys-function or simply put dis-ease. Yet, we ignore the signs and symptoms. OR EVEN WORSE, we simply treat the symptom and think all is ok!! Really, would God really allow this type of continued abuse without giving us a perfect internal system(s) to solve or treat these?! There is a lot of Grace in the equation and often in cases of Cancer up to 10 years’ worth of warnings until disaster strikes!


Remember, disease can also manifest itself from an emotional imbalance. We know of the gut-brain connection. It would make sense to say that a healthy state of mind would help one to maintain a healthy state of body. It works both ways. But the most of the flow of communication actually happens from the gut up to the brain and that leaves much food for thought. So where is the attack really coming from?


If your intention is prevention of disease, for long term health, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to “ill health”.  We can take corrective action to reverse the damage that has already occurred and maintain this state of balance with in our own ‘eco-system’. The perfect one God gave us. So, if disease is actually “DIS-of-ease”, then the protocol for prevention of disease would be daily self-regulation to keep the body in a state of proper homeostasis and optimal health.


We at Imsyser have managed to source the ideal combination of products to assist your own Gut and Immune System to do exactly this.


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