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Risks When Using Antibiotics Chronically

Understanding the Risks when using Antibiotics Chronically…

We all know and understand the risks when taking chronic medication and specifically chronic antibiotics year in and year out. With Cancer statistics on the increase yearly we would like to spend a little time on this by explaining the risks involved. Studies which have been done more specifically with cancer patients using such have found a direct correlation with the chronic use of antibiotics and the increased risk of (by as much as 1.5 times) for prostate, breast, lung, colon, ovary, endocrine, skin, thyroid, and kidney cancers in both men and women.

Antibiotics not only put you at risk since you are only ill in the first place since your Immune System is compromised but also manages to eventually destroy all living good bacteria present in the gut. And we all know the importance of gut health to overall health. In fact you are only healthy as the status of your gut health. It is a well-known fact if for any reason you have to take an antibiotic it would be best to supplement with a really good probiotic to optimise healthy gut functioning.

Gut health is Immune Health.

It is not actually good enough anymore to only supplement with probiotics when using antibiotics; it is now seen as a DAILY necessity. And this applies to new-borns all the way through to grandparents. The depletion is already at soil level and now not only exists at plant level but also therefore in humans and animals as a classic chain reaction.

These micromes are crucially important to not only maintain a healthy balance in the gut ( and therefore for the Immune system) but also have specific functions in delivering and producing nutrients crucial to healthy living.

Imsyser to the Rescue

For this purpose Imsyser Health Products have managed to access a uniquely designed probiotic for gut health, mimicking optimal gut health with a 12 strain cocktail of prebiotics and probiotics in symbiosis with each other. A natural supply of digestive enzymes present in this cocktail also assists in good digestion making this amazing product excellent in assisting in not only a healthy balance but also various gut discrepancies.

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