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Revisiting Question Time

Revisiting Question Time. 

Revisiting Question Time. I have been using your product for a while now but have heard that the micro-organisms are destroyed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach before they even reach the colon?

One of the key purposes of the stomach is to act as a sterilizing or sanitizing tank. The low ph. kills almost all of the pathogens provided we chew the food correctly. Our ancestors as recently as 100 years ago ate food that would probably kill most of us today!

Revisiting Question Time Answer

Specific tests done by the parent company in the USA confirmed that the microbes in the Imsyser Probiotic survive ph. levels as low as 1.0 This is lower than the ph. of the stomach. The fact is that the natural microorganisms that occur in the gut arrived there via the stomach, so while some may not survive, it is generally the ones we don’t want! The ph. of Imsyser Probiotic is in the range of 3.2 – 3.5 (Mainly lactic acid) which is already quite low so as a rule the pH of the stomach is no new process.

In addition, the microbes in Imsyser Probiotic Liquid are extremely robust. Most conventional “probiotics” produced as pure cultures. Tend to be very fragile, so the chances are that a lot of them will be affected by the stomach acid. The multi-class, multi-strain nature of in this probiotic means our product is very adaptable under a wide-ranging set of environmental variables as is mimicked in the body. No waiting for capsules or tablets, as is most available in the market-place, to dissolve to become active they are already live totally bio-available organisms as mimicked in the gut

The bacterial count.

The questions of bacterial counts and survivability in the digestive tract is really only relevant when one is dealing with pure cultures. Those strains grown in isolation. Pure cultures are generally very weak and have very little resistance or adaptability. Therefore essential in order to get a fraction of the dose to survive the stomach and digestive tract. Generally AB (Acidophilus/Bifido) culture probiotics have CFU counts in the billions. Freeze dried or dehydrated which further reduces their efficacy. Inserted in “carrier” mediums in order to “shelter” them from the low ph. stomach acid. 

The Imsyser Probiotic Blend

Rivisiting question time
Imsyser 12 strain Pre & Probiotic

The microbes in the Imsyser Probiotic Blend composed of a wide ranging consortium of multiple strains and classes. All interactive. Therefore, why some of the strains referred to as Synbiotics. Regulating this interaction. Not grown in pure culture. Therefore have to compete with each other in order to survive and proliferate. This far more closely approximates the conditions that life encounters while trying to survive.

In addition, the Imsyser Probiotic is already a low ph. product (ph. is in the range of 3.0 – 3.5). Tests done on Efficient Microbes show the microbes survive in a wide ph. Range from as low as 1.0 up to 13.0.

The most important fact is remembering that this unique blend is not just a probiotic. It has live organisms in a fermented medium, providing food (prebiotics) for the probiotics. More importantly, is the unique batch of herbs chosen specifically for the gut health, healing and restoration the biggest addon where most other probiotics fail:  http://bit.y/3g5cth5

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