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MISSOURI—A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri found that red grapes and wine that is made from them help reduce the risk for cancer.

The specific compound that is found in red grapes and has multiple health benefits is called resveratrol. The original study focused on the compounds ability to fight off melanoma (skin cancer) cells. However, the findings proved that this compound could also help fight off nearly every form of cancer.

The team found that resveratrol was able to kill of 44 percent of cancer cells. However, that number increased to 65 percent when radiation was added to the mix.

In addition to this, the researchers also found several other significant health benefits associated with resveratrol.  These benefits include fighting aging cells, helping control blood sugar levels, helping fight breast cancer, and helping prevent hearing loss.

According to a study from Harvard University, drinking wine in moderation is the key to receiving the benefits associated with the beverage. It is recommended for women to drink one glass of wine and men to drink two glasses of wine per day. It is noted that a glass of wine is 5 ounces.

If you are interested in reducing your risk for cancer and receiving other health benefits, you might want to consider adding red grapes or a glass or two of red wine to your diet per day.

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