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The Reason For The Lack Of Energy And Fatigue In Our Children

Studying Our Children

I have had the ‘privilege’ to work with a friend supporting her in an aftercare environment, dealing with children and for the first time have realised the severity of toxic overload in our human species and on a more serious note that of our children. Energy and fatigue boils down to malnutrition. We are nutritionally deplete since the whole eco system is screaming back at us through this depletion, life is ‘fast’ and modern day living lends itself to junk food or worse. You see it in the lack of energy the kids have, the skin conditions and on a more serious note how they almost all simply battle through concentration issues and ‘brain’ clogging. Where is this all going I have to ask myself and more importantly where are we going with this generation of youth. We are supposed to leave healthy generational legacies and I quite simply cannot see this happening. It has become a framework of survival.

Let’s discuss the background accumulating in all of this negativity and relative level of despondency I feel…

We are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals through the air that you breathe, the water you drink, the foods that you eat, and the products that you use, like personal care products and cleaning products. Pesticides, herbicides, GMOs in the food, fluoride and chlorine and trace pharmaceutical residue in the water, methane, carbon monoxide and industrial pollutants in the air, toxic chemicals in the everyday products we use in our homes. Your body is being bombarded every day.

Toxic overload

Toxic overload is the one thing that affects EVERY area other of your health, and most people totally ignore it. We focus on diet and supplements, but if your colon can’t absorb the nutrients (because it’s toxic), then what good are they?

And this is the reason why cancer, auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as a host of symptoms like hair loss, skin outbreaks, unwanted weight gain, depression and fatigue is some of the thousands of auto-immune dis-eases we ( and our children) are battling with. If the ROOT underlying cause of disease isn’t addressed and drastic life changes made well then quite simply we are in trouble!

Some of us even try our best and still lack energy, feel unwell and that is because there are years of toxic “sludge” had quietly built up inside my body. Kidneys, liver, colon, lymphatic system, pretty much every system in your body slowly crashes and the result: Cancer. Diabetes. Heart disease or quietly simply constant chronic allergies and sinusitis to mention but the smallest of them. There is often hair loss, acne, depression, fatigue all the symptoms Western medicine loves because they focus relieving your symptoms, but almost never considers the root causes of what made you sick in the first place. Or quite simply focussing on isolating and targeting the specific virus or bacteria or germ or genetic mutation in your body, without asking WHY your immune system allowed it to propagate.

So, if you’re chronically sick, there’s either a breakdown in your system somewhere, or your body is overrun and simply unable to keep up with all the chemicals and stress and toxins of our modern world. The root cause of nearly all disease — cancer, diabetes, heart disease, it doesn’t matter — is an overload of toxins and chemicals accumulating inside your body. Period. It’s from the food that you’re eating, the air that you’re breathing, the parasites that you’re exposed to, and the amount of stress that you’re under on a daily basis.

Your Immunity

Your body is naturally supposed to be able to heal itself. But the Immune system is under such tremendous constant overload that quite simply it cannot do that which it was designed to do naturally. The result modern day auto-immune conditions and dis-eases.

We focus on exercise, but if your blood and your lungs and lymphatics are toxic, you’re circulating waste throughout your body every time you work out.

To detox or not?

The core issue to ALL of it — the ONE thing to focus on first and foremost is a proper detox of the body. Neither can we thrive if our bodies are toxic.

Most of us know we need to cleanse, but the problem is that we simply don’t know HOW to detox thoroughly and completely. What do you eat? What do you not eat? What supplements do you take and how much and how often? But what I learned is that if you’re not specifically addressing your blood and your liver and your kidneys and your thyroid and adrenals and lymphatic system too… you’re not getting a full detox. And don’t forget your skin, your largest organ. We slather it with lotion and topical creams full of chemicals you probably can’t even pronounce. Your doctor probably doesn’t know about this…

Medical schools don’t teach about the daily accumulation of toxins in the body, how to check for them, or whether they even really exist.  So, most doctors have no clue whether someone has high levels of mercury and lead and other heavy metals, for example. However, in this day and age, we’re exposed to more chemicals and toxins and radiation in our environment and in our daily lives that at any other time in human history. No wonder our bodies are completely overwhelmed and unable to keep up!

Imsyser to the Rescue!

Quite simply put Imsyser Health Products to the rescue. It doesn’t mean we can negate all the other crucially important areas that need attention such as lifestyle changes, and more. We need help! Imsyser has the best detox product range designed to assist in a good gut detox ( with a 12 strain probiotic to support healthy gut functions) as well as a supplement that not only supplies all the crucial essential vitamins, minerals amino acids and a source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 but assist in gentle daily cellular detox. Quite simply just what the doctor ordered. That is if he did?

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