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Reactional Holiday Constipation??

Stop Constipation & Revitalise….

Chronic Constipation can rob you of your health. It clogs up the intestines, blocks the nutrients in your food from being absorbed through a healthy digestive lining & waste being deposited comfortably out of the digestive tract. This in turn causes excess weight gain, drains your energy and causes you to feel really unwell. This is a real mood spoiler in many forms. Studies have proven that your gut health directly relates to your emotional health and vice versa. Chronic constipation can also cause your body to try and expel waste products through the skin and breath, which will leave embarrassing unpleasant odours, a real no-no on holiday, or any time for that matter!!

On holiday as with normal daily, hectic lifestyles, we often fail to eat as we should or as regularly as we should. The worst is the typical ‘holiday over eating’ or just bad eating habits! So if you suffer as a rule from any of the following symptoms, Imsyser might have a solution:

  • Abdominal pain (especially after eating)
  • Stomach bloating.
  • Few bowel movements.
  • Excessive straining.
  • Dry, hard stools that are difficult to pass.
  • Low energy
  • General irritability & poor mood.
  • Strange odour coming through your pores or breath.

……a daily dose of deep intestinal cleanse ( for holiday purposes just ½ the norm), used daily first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Just enough to create enough roughage and move that toxic waste daily. Remember to keep a supply of pineapple juice handy to make this simple ‘shake’ go down in a more tasty fashion and at the same time assist in supporting all the essential digestive enzymes usually lacking from most diets.

If food does not digest properly it may eventually be stored as body fat.  Also the excessive time it stays in your digestive tract and intestines, causes the food to ferment and your body will then produce gas and bloating . Intestinal parasites, bacteria, fungus and viruses thrive in an environment like this.

Deep Intestinal cleansers are beneficial to your overall health, and even prevent colon cancers from forming. They can help you lose weight and assist in the lost energy that these pathogens living in your intestines may have been stealing by taking the nutrients for themselves.

Constipation may not only originate from the above-mentioned or a general lack of proper digestive enzyme supply but also as a result of shortages on the natural ‘good bacteria’ needed to assist healthy gut functioning. For this purposes, don’t forget your daily supply of probiotics. The 500 ml bottle is enough for the whole family, good for all ages, one small sip daily.

Developing good colon health is the best preventative holiday remedy ever…

PS don’t forget to drink enough GOOD water (8-10 glasses per day, depending upon your activity level). Intestinal hydration is important and will allow the treatments to work most effectively and wash out the toxins sothat your health (and lost energy) can be restored.

This, in turn, will make your Immune System stronger as well and we are only as healthy as our Immune Health is!!

So stock up on these 2 amazing natural  health products this holiday.

  1. Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse
  2. Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser Liquid.

Available most pharmacies, on-line or contact IMSYSER at 086 010 3859.

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