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Re-Usable 3 Ply Washable Face Mask – Nano Tech

Does Your Mask Serve You Well?

What is in the Market Place right now??

Cloth Masks: On the upside in SA where job uncertainty is high and many redirected jobs manufacturing masks during lock-down, cloth masks are easy to get. You can purchase them online, pharmacies and even on the street corner. And you can re-use them indefinitely as long as you wash them after every use.

On the downside, their quality varies a lot. No health safety however is secured. The worst ones have filtration levels as low as 1%. The best ones can be as high as 79%. That’s better than surgical masks.

It should have at least two layers of fabric—preferably tightly woven cotton, silk, linen, or polyester.
An effective cloth mask blocks out light when you hold it up to the sun. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so thick that you can’t breathe through it. And then you still have the carbon dioxide you breathe out issue….

Paper Masks: A study published in the journal Environmental Science compared cloth to paper masks. Microscopic examination showed paper masks had smaller holes. And another study found paper was more effective at protecting against the flu. But paper masks don’t last as long, and they’re in higher demand.

On the downside, once again you have the carbon dioxide issue and no real health protection al be it slightly better.

Surgical masks: These “accordion-style masks” have pleats that allow the wearer to expand them to the desired length. They usually cover more of your face than cloth masks. And they have a metal band across the top that allows you to mould the mask to the contours of your nose and face and this would add more effective protection on the up-side.

On the downside, they aren’t made for repeated use. And they tend to be loose on the sides. And you cannot wash these masks. More importantly they are not effective for the Covid-19 virus.

Homemade masks: These work well as long as they are constructed correctly. Experts recommend using tightly woven cotton fabric. If you make your own mask, it’s a good idea to insert a filter (coffee filters work) in the fabric.

The Imsyser Nano Mask Success Story!

Re-Usable 3ply Washable, Antimicrobial 3 PLY Face Mask – Nano Tech.
Soft, Comfortable, Breathable & Safe!

 Re-usable; tested up to 200 times which give you use for 6-12 months.
 Affordability based on re-usage
 Washable; tested up to 200 times which give you use for 6-12 months.
 Elastic Design support multiple-type usage applications.
 Outer fabric (97% Poly Viscose Fibre) is a solid fabric imbedded with 3% Pure Silver; treated with Nano technology to give the optimal protection not only in preventing virus from ‘attacking’ as the treatment renders the fabric hydro-phobic {water repellent) but also when the virus makes contact with the material, the virus is killed.
 Inner fabric is softer for more comfortable use but also treated with same Nano-technology to give the user of the mask similar protection and induces self-healing as the moisture from air expelled activates the silver in the material; is breathed in and will help kill the virus and induce inner healing.
 May be branded – can endure extreme heat.
 Can be used for children ages 9 and up and adults Smaller design available for schools
 Nano- tech silver may help against Viral infections, Bacterial infections, Fungal infections; respiratory diseases; destroying these unlike average masks that might just prevent possible virus attachment to a mask surface. X-Static material used to make the masks is made by permanently bonding 99.9% pure metallic silver to the surface of a fibre. Clinically proven to reduce infection pathogens on soft surfaces by 99%.

• Antimicrobial Fabric: 88% – 97% X-STATIC® antimicrobial polyester
• 3% – 12% X-STATIC® pure silver(composition varies depending upon weaving structure)
• A global leader in antimicrobial fibre technology, X-STATIC® even inhibits the growth of multidrug-resistant strains of bacteria, including MRSA and VRE.

Simply call Imsyser Health products for more on these amazing masks or certification: 086 010 3859

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