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Rapid Fat Loss Program – Dr Arien van der Merwe

We are sharing this information shared by Dr Arien van der Merwe.  We know that a lot of our readers will find this very usefull

From: Dr Arien van der Merwe []

Good morning Dianne

You know the saying: the shoemaker’s kid goes barefoot.  We live such busy lives that we sometimes simply do not find the time to practice what we preach.  I’ve decided to put my own good advice into practice when I started with our Rapid Fat Loss program last week and let me tell you – I wasn’t lying!  I’ve always been confident that the program works because I do it follow it every now and again for a few weeks at a time, but finding out that I have Metabolic Syndrome myself a few months ago, was a real wake-up call.  I started on the program again and I feel that I HAVE to share it with you.

Taking action is even more rewarding than the actual fat-loss!  I’ve gotten rid of the inertia, I am feeling energised and happy, already lighter in mind and body, ready to face the festive season head-on.  Join me on the program by clicking here.  My entire team has also decided to accept the challenge.  Anri (she’s not even overweight, but has already lost 2kg fat weight, exchanging it for muscle!) and Nellie have joined me on the program so you will be in good company on your journey to a healthier, shapelier you!

Here is the link to my  Rapid Fat Loss Program again.  It is not just about looking better, it is also about taking control of your health. Silly season, here I come!

Please remember to get your copy of my latest book ‘Managing Diabetes and Related Health Challenges’ (also in Afrikaans). My own healing journey is described in the last chapter. What really works well for me is the intermittent fasting, where I have my last meal at 6pm, postponing breakfast until 10am the next morning, allowing for a 16hour fasting period. The book is not only about diabetes and its symptoms, but also about causes and cures, with Metabolic Syndrome occupying centre stage.  It is available from our office, at most bookstores or by clicking here.

And last, but not least, remember that you can also join our programs online.  Click here for more info.

Next time, more about intermittent fasting, interval training and Glucose Balance, the latest addition to our range of nutriceutical supplements, specifically to counter insulin resistance, high blood sugar (glucose), high blood pressure and blood fat imbalances. I formulated Glucose Balance after doing all the research for the book, also trying out many options, to find the perfect combination that works well for my patients and myself.

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