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Protection Against Flu and Viruses

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There are many clinical studies showing that a healthy immune system is crucial in the prevention and therapy for viral diseases. Studies also show that antioxidants, especially glutathione, are key in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system. The more deficient we are in antioxidants and glutathione, the more susceptible we are to immune breakdowns.

Glutathione boosts the immune systems availability of the “fighter” cells, the B and T cells, to attack the “foreign” cells. If there is enough glutathione in the body, the B and T cells can continue to be replenished and effectively attack the invaders. Sufficient amounts of glutathione in the body allow for the increase and activity of the “fighter” cells.

The Imsyser range is designed to support optimal Immune functioning with all 3 products from a 100 % Natural source looking at core issues such as optimal gut health. Once the gut is running optimally, immune functionality is drastically improved for immune cell production. Nutritional support for the immune system is provided in the form of most of the essential amino acids, essential vitamins, essential minerals and natural source of Omega 3,6 &9 needed and provided through wholefood states.

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