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Prostate Health from the Imsyser team

If they live long enough, 9 out of 10 men can expect to have prostate trouble.Several nutritional supplements promote prostate health. For instance, rye pollen extract, Pygeum Africanum, and saw palmetto all have good records.

Prostate Rule no 1: Aerobic exercise. Both aerobic and resistance exercise can help cut your risk of prostate problems. And both can ease the discomfort if prostate trouble develops. But you’ll get more benefit from aerobic exercise.

Prostate Rule no 2: Feed your prostate. Eating a healthy diet is always a good idea. But when it comes to prostate health, two habits can make a big difference.

Italian researchers reviewed the diets of over 2,800 mature male hospital patients. They discovered that those who ate more starches were also more likely to have prostate trouble. And the men who ate more polyunsaturated fatty acids – PUFAs, such as the Omega-3’s in fish – were less likely to suffer.3

In other words, focusing on fish and veggies at supper – instead of a plate full of pasta, rice or potatoes – could quickly cut your prostate risk. (It’ll probably cause you to lose some weight, too.)

The bottom line is doesn’t have to make you feel older than you are. With a few simple tricks – and the right nutritional supplements – 60 really can feel more like 40. biofeedback fom users using Imsyser Immune System Tabs have seen marked difference in their prostate health.

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