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Talking about the dreaded male problem: Prostate Cancer

Talking about the dreaded male problem: Prostate Cancer

So much research has gone into various ‘treatments’ and the one most dreaded is ‘cutting’. As we all know the idea would be to start looking after yourself at a young tender age before the situation is out of hand. Its therefore about Lifestyle!! And with the ongoing attack on our Immune System with chronic toxic overload coming from every imaginable source including our foods and waters we have to be on the alert more than ever.

So what do we do. Well we resort back to basics if we manage to have an early alert. Once again:

Lifestyle = you are what you eat and here some of the the common basics to apply immediately:

  1. Eat raw and wholesome. Cut out all processed foods. No Sugar. No Wheat. No Dairy. And only organic meat. Read ALL your labels. The hidden preservatives and especially foods laden with Oestrogen are the trouble shooters – they reduce the natural testosterone levels that lead to the  high spirals of oestrogen floating through the body that eventually lead to this uncomfortable problem/disease.
  2. Some healthy sunlight EVERY day.
  3. 2- 3L of GOOD HEALTHY water ( add a touch of lemon to reduce body acidity; this is rather crucial part of the process).
  4. Decide to start the process with a good 7 day Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse and keep going if result are not obtained as per the picture on the container. Its lurking there believe me!!
  5. Take a daily dose of Imsyser Probiotic ; its affordable in a 500 ml container and will last at least 1 2- months once opened. We are missing these 12 strains of the good bacteria from our natral plant diets as it has been stripped from the ground causing a cascade of negative results. A good healthy gut is a good Immune system and this is the missing link.
  6. Take supplements to assist Immune functioning. Saw Palmetto, Zinc, super doses of Omega 3  and of course your basic nutrition, Imsyser Immune System Stabilising tablets which are known to assist in prostate issues. A strong but gentle detoxification at cellular level. Natural botanicals support cellular detoxification and facilitate the safe and gentle excretion of toxins including oestrogens and dangerous oestrogen-mimicking compounds, all of which are known to play key roles in a variety of prostate concerns. A powerful potent antioxidants in nature from nature itself and immune modulator known to assist in auto-immune conditions.
  7. Sleep enough.
  8. Rest and have those Good Thoughts. They are worth it! You are also as you think. Do forgiveness! Prostate issues usually stem from male issues. Go for help if need. Your past is your past put the baggage away!
  9. Exercise – it is also good for the mind. And finally,
  10. I always suggest a good parasite cleanse and liver flush as a good old detoxer and clean out. You DO have to do the clean out since the toxic overload is causing the problem!! Visit the Imsyser website for more on this and then consider having 1 less cup of coffee a day and replace it with green tea or stinging nettle to assist with further detoxing daily.

Imsyser to the rescue

Imsyser strives to assist in regaining and establishing health for all. DIS-EASE is merely  symptom and the bodies warning devise to say something is wrong. Don’t become a statistic; listen you your body it knows….

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