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Processed Food Eating Habits of Today

Sharing the Truth re Processed Food Eating Habits of Today

+/- 90 percent of  money is spent on processed foods including restaurant foods & groceries that require little or no preparation time before consuming at home. This statistic has doubled in the past decade and a half.

Processed foods have become relatively cheaper encouraging this expense as above the relatively more expensive healthy alternatives.

The result: Obesity!!!

Paediatric type 2 diabetes—which used to be very rare—has increased along with the rise in early childhood obesity. According to research, early onset type 2 diabetes appears to be a more aggressive disease from a cardiovascular standpoint.

Take Control of Your Health!!!!

Sugar (& fructose) is a primary dietary factor giving rise to chronic diseases, heart disease and cancer. Excessive sugar/fructose consumption leads to insulin resistance, and insulin resistance appears to be the root of many if not most chronic diseases.

A diet that promotes health is high in healthful fats, no sugar and non-vegetable carbohydrates. A good healthy stable ‘lifestyle eating plan’ , not a diet, is the only answer to continued health.

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