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Imsyser’s Unique PROBIOTICS

What makes IMSYSER’S Probiotics better than any other?

Probiotics has become such a misused name with most manufacturers, dumping billions of a few (if you’re lucky) strains of the human probiotics in a tablet form.  On average 9 strain is your highest at pharmacy level.  IMSYSER HAS 12 STRAIN of the various good bacteria needed for the human gut. (A liquid cocktail of digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics).


What is the difference??

This 33,3% is a cocktail of live bacteria in a liquid culture.  These good bacteria cannot be dried freezed in tablet form, but has to live in a live culture.  These are the good bacteria that work from the mouth (where your average tab doesn’t even reach), right through to the lowest part of your intestines.  This is the area where most women battle with candida and thrush infections.  Bio feedback has been known to help these conditions by merely dabbing affected areas (female areas), with Imsyser’s probiotic on a cotton wool swab.  Instant relieve is obtained.  This probiotic is a destroyer of IBS symptoms, and bio feedback from moms using it on colic babies (in very small dosages).  After all, new born baby merely has mom’s bacterial colonization and often restoration is needed for mom and child.  More positive bio feedback is received daily on chronic constipation cases.  Almost instant relieve.

Probiotics has become a daily necessity, since it is lacking from all our plants and foods.  You can’t afford to NOT take probiotics if you are on antibiotics.  Ask the doctor if it hasn’t been subscribed.  Can be used by all ages.  You cannot overdose on probiotics.  Add to a little juice for easy administering, especially with children.

After all, your immune cells are manufactured in the gut.  You are as healthy as your immune system is.  Your gut NEEDS good bacteria!!!

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