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Probiotics And Urogenital Health

Probiotics and Urogenital Health

There is no doubt that we are totally dependent on a daily dose of probiotics to support optimal health, Immunity, brain functioning and Urogenital health.

Like the intestinal tract, the vagina is a finely balanced ecosystem. The dominant Lactobacilli strains normally make it too acidic for harmful microorganisms to survive. But the system can be thrown out of balance by a number of factors, including antibiotics, spermicides, and birth control pills. Probiotic treatment that restores the balance of microflora may be helpful for such common female urogenital problems as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infection.

Often I will have ladies battling monthly with these type of issues and when I advise them to start taking a daily dose of probiotics in conjunction with a little bit of ‘help’ in and on the problem area (genital) by using a cotton roll soaked in the Imsyser probiotic; the problem disappears almost instantly.

Imsyser’s Probiotics  was designed to ensure good maintenance of the Gut health daily and thereby also assisting optimal Immune health is ensured. This is a uniquely designed 12 STRAIN liquid probiotic (500 ml; once opened lasts 1 – 2 months) with a symbiotic relationship of the prebiotics and digestive enzymes needed to assist & mimic natural gut behaviour. Can be taken as is or in a little juice. Works from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of gut, where most probiotics in tablet form do not even work. These common probiotics as found in pharmacies cannot be dried-freezed to go into a tablet or capsule form.

Imsyser’s Probiotic is a truly amazing product, unique in its design, and instantly effective solution to 100 % probiotic support for gut (and Immune) health.

For all your Immunity issues, urogenital support, digestive support and literally instant relief in the area – just try!! You will be amazed. After all it all about re-establishing BALANCE!! For more call Liza at the office at 086 010 3859 or simply click here:   

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