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Probiotics The New Buzz Word!

If you thought probiotics were important for EVERY day use – you are absolutely right!! Our ‘Mother culture’ has become incomplete thanks to lifestyle, diet, poor quality foods, and of course stress and chronic overuse of chronic meds especially antibiotics!!

The questions we at Imsyser get asked:

Do we take probiotics at night or in the morning?

In reality it doesn’t really matter; in the beginning of trying to help almost any and every gut issues I always advise the intake twice daily to super ‘hydrate’ the gut with the good bacteria and literally populate for best, immediate results. As with taking most supplements there is an optimum time to take such but I believe with Probiotics – JUST TAKE THEM EVERY DAY!!!!

And, start at birth. Remember whatever ‘mommy’ had is as a rule what baby is pretty much left with and even in these cases this mother supply is usually compromised. The result baby is compromised and even though this might only manifest in colic a few days late when the microbiome settle and the bad bacteria start colonising; this might to a large extent be prevented at best!

It is said that probiotics help sleeping so the argument for taking them at night is a good one but I find most people like to take probiotics in the morning while they as such remember taking their other supplements. And, of course, the IBS cases end up travelling with the Probiotic in their bags initially until the pain and or disease is under control!

Another argument for taking them at night is the fact that there is very little benefit in the stomach as such but more in the lower intestines so if you have finished a meal and a little later this might be best in some cases. My argument in this regard is for those initially dealing with bloating issues – taking for granted it is not a parasite issue – when in need – usually after a meal – I guess once again it doesn’t really matter.

All these suggestions are conversational but when the pain and or discomfort are real, I believe the time is irrelevant. Also, the Imsyser 12 strain pre & probiotic was designed for those who understand that is a lifestyle supplement – to be taken daily. And the main difference between most tablet or capsule types is the very fact that the probiotic is liquid and thus serves a huge purpose interacting from within the mouth right through to the lowest end of the colon where most of these ‘old-fashioned’ types don’t even get to. The product is truly unique in its design and functioning.

So time should not really be the driver….

Disease or the lack thereof the real thing: How can a probiotic help normal inflammatory diseases?

Normally, inflammation is a healthy Immune response to injury, illness, or infection. When healing is complete, the process should stop. But modern day toxicity from every imaginary source has created another type of inflammatory reaction and this has been identified as the real reason behind most modern day diseases – the type where inflammation starts, and flare-ups continuously and results manifest in the rest of your body! Over years this initially might not be noticed as an issue but suddenly all hell literally breaks loose and where we have preferred to think of the problem as an old age issues is far from that in reality. Health problems caused by inflammation overrun don’t just happen overnight.  They can lie hidden for years until one day the fire becomes too hot and bursts into flame. That’s when you start feeling joint aches, muscle tenderness, swelling, and other symptoms.

Lowering inflammation is one of the most important things you can do for overall health. 

And understanding that gut health and healthy microbiome is crucial to the healthy maintenance of this inflammatory response – be it heart health, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and so the list continues they all pretty much had the same initial responses. And need the same healthy healing recipe to follow:

Lifestyle changes; daily Probiotic; regular detoxing and food for a healthy BALANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM.

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