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Probiotics prevent dangerous complication of all your Liver diseases

Liver disease

In the latest clinical studies done on the value add of probiotics, liver disease was the centre of attention and considering that liver disease as a whole has been in the limelight regarding all health it would remain a no brainer to understand that further studies would connect these two very important aspects to gut health and therefore to all health. Remember all health stems from within the gut!! Where the gut is called our first ‘body brain’ the liver follows suit as the second ‘body brain’ – they function together and are also totally dependent on each other and further connected to our actual brain.

Liver disease affects your gut health, your brain health and all Immunity issues in-between so it goes without saying that good bacteria should be involved as probiotics play a lifesaving role in all health. If, for every 1 cell there are 10 bacteria, it would be a no brainer to understand in the bigger scheme of things! Also, there is a strong relationship between liver and the gut—the so-called Liver-Gut axis. The gut supplies blood to the portal system and intestinal blood content activates liver functions. On the other hand, the liver secretes bile and influences intestinal functions.

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Probiotics prevents Hepatic Encephalopathy – a deterioration of brain function – from developing in patients with cirrhosis of the liver.

Probiotics have been shown to have favourable effects when used to treat several liver diseases by reducing the production of bacterial toxins and by modulating autoimmune responses, intestinal permeability, and the inflammatory response.

Probiotics can reduce weight and your BMI, improve liver functions, decrease plasma lipids and glucose levels, alleviate inflammation and restore liver fat infiltration.

Most cirrhosis patients develop hepatic encephalopathy, caused by the inability of the Liver to remove toxins from the blood.  Hepatic Encephalopathy, causes neuropsychiatric problems and motor disturbances, with severity ranging from mild cognitive difficulties to coma and premature death. Studies prove that with the introduction of probiotics halved the resultant negative effects within the liver over and above reducing fat and glucose levels in the liver relating to weight issues, BMI’s, Diabetes and other health issues relating to the liver functions.

Probiotics work by modifying the gut microbiota – the microbial communities that exist naturally in the human gastrointestinal tract – with non-urease-producing micro-organisms that reduce the production of toxic ammonia. In addition to causing lower levels of arterial ammonia, the probiotics also decreased inflammation and oxidative stress and lowered intestinal pH In the process of digestive breakdown, probiotics produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, thereby combating pathogens and raising resistance to disease.

We all know the value of probiotics for gut health, add the improved liver functions and all the recently discovered improvements in brain health – basically you cannot afford NOT to be taking a daily probiotics any longer. From affordability through to 10 + years’ worth of safety standing the test of time Imsyser 12 strain live fermented probiotic is good for all ages, instantly produces expected health results and has years’ worth of happy clients improving their overall health:

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