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Probiotics & Cancer Prevention?

You Definitely Need More Good Bacteria & Daily Probiotic Supplement!

….Imsyser to the rescue!!

More about your Gut

Your gut processes food and removes waste and toxins and trillions and trillions of bacteria are crucial to this process! In your gut, there are more bacteria than there are cells in your body. And they need to be supplemented daily! This balance is only maintained by a good wide range of strains from various sources both soil and plant. But this is not enough!

A good probiotic can help make your gut lining stronger; in fact, heal it if the right combination is present;

may help prevent Leaky Gut;

lose weight;

all brain functioning;

kick starts and maintains good Immune Health;

assists with a healthy Cholesterol count

a healthy Blood Pressure

healthy Blood Sugar

The solution?

Multiple strains. A “blend” or “complex” that shows they took the time to put together a quality product encompassing pre-, pro-, & sym-biotics and a natural release of digestive enzymes due to the natural release as these interact with each other in a ‘living fermented culture’.

All these varied strains and more are to be found in the 12 strain liquid fermented Imsyser range. Designed for daily use to optimize your good bacteria (probiotic) count.

And Cancer Prevention?

Well then we had better be paying special attention to Candida control. Candida is considered a normal part of your microbiome but too much could make you moody, tired…and contribute to digestive upset. You can get too much candida from eating sugar and carbs, alcohol, some medicines, stress, even just getting older.

We all know sugar is a no-no for Cancer prevention and Treatment.

We also know that Candida overgrowth is a no-no for Cancer prevention and Treatment.

Candida is really good at protecting itself in bio-film, so special attention is needed to control overgrowth from the start BEFORE it spreads throughout the body and you become the next time bomb.

The bio-film that grows around unhealthy bacteria also prevents your body from absorbing nutrients from your food and other supplements you take within the gut. So even if you’re eating well and trying to stay healthy with supplements…it won’t do you any good if the nutrients can’t get through your intestine to where they need to go!

That gives bad bacteria even more opportunity to thrive—and could cause you to get tired, achy, rundown, moody, gassy, bloated, and more.

A specific strain of probiotic has been shown to help. Lactobacillus acidophilus has shown the ability to stop the growth of bio-film. It also helps to keep candida in a healthy range. And Imsysers’ 12 strain Probiotic blend is fast becoming the best seller in the industry where control ( and in fact totally riddance of the most hardiest of strains) is becoming visible. The buzz word is out!!

The World Health Organization says that in order to provide health benefits, probiotics must be able to endure human digestion, including gastric juices and bile, and be capable of multiplying once they get to the gut. And the Imsyser 12 strain is superior in coming to the table in this regard. A similar pH as the stomach because it is a fermented product ensures delivery to the end of the digestive tract all the way to the last section where most of the ‘good bacteria’ have been destroyed with Candida overgrowth as a result of anti-biotics and general generational depletion.


You also need enough of a probiotic strains where probiotics have enough ‘food’ for the job on hand as well as the longevity of the products on shelf. Once again the Imsyser Probiotic to the rescue!! A prebiotic is a food ingredient that your body can’t digest, that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Prebiotics helps make sure the probiotics reach their destination. And then it helps them grow.

“The use of prebiotics with specific probiotics . . . should also be considered as a means of improving health status. Prebiotics can improve probiotic effects on weight loss and maintenance, abd disease let alone Cancer prevention.

It’s about Synergy!

Something that works better as a whole than each of its individual parts. That’s the case here. The pre- and probiotic combo works better together…than either do alone. And for this purpose the symbiotics, a whole new term in the probiotic industry has hit home; not just supporting your digestive health, but your weight, immune system, heart, brain…things you may have had no idea were connected to your gut!


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