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Probiotics, Babies, Eczema And More On Digestive Health


Probiotics are mentioned almost daily not only for digestive health but for mental health and is found more and more regularly in various products, skin products included. Probiotics provide health in all its facets since the live bacteria actually shift the balance of the microbes in the gut affecting the whole body including your immunity as well as skin surfaces when these products are used. The most important aspect to remember is to use a product that has ‘live’ culture as in the Imsyser probiotic range. Even in active eczema cases merely rubbing a little probiotic on the skin has assisted in managing the worst of the active itching. For more on this amazing product range visit: or shop now.

Bladder Infection

We have even had woman in desperate states of bladder infections ‘dabble’ a little of our probiotics on affected areas where aggressive itching is present and literally have instant release. And then we are not even talking about bloating, IBS cases or simple colic cases. It is all about balance. Its that simple and this is where probiotic come out tops.

Babies & Children

A simple teaspoon a day for the young ones or a table spoon of one of the top probiotics in the country (is available country-wide) can clearly make this difference especially when we are talking about new technology designed probiotics which includes live bacteria in these cultures. This probiotic has the symbiosis of pre- and probiotics in a liquid that can be used by all ages and enough for a whole family for a month. This product is also not affected by stomach pH as with most probiotics, is a fermented product, and does not have to be refrigerated. Another plus from the Imsyser range putting it in another category above most of its competitors and that is not even mentioning the fact that the product has 12 STRAINS of the different good micro-mesh needed for human health.

Imsyser to the rescue in all its capacities, for any more info call 086 010 3859 otherwise available country wide in most pharmacies and health shops. For instant heath, you need a probiotic and you need it DAILY!!!

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