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Pollution, Toxins and Imsyser To The Rescue

Pollution, Toxins and Imsyser to the rescue

Everything from the polluted air we breathe to the additives in the foods is polluted! Sadly so!!  Research shows that the human body can easily process and eliminate a normal level of toxic exposure. But the real question is, what’s normal? We put so much junk into our bodies these days, intentionally and unintentionally, that even the healthiest people can be overwhelmed. Toxins in all shapes and sizes are attacking our bodies on a daily basis and if left untreated, these toxins can lead to any number of diseases, including cancer, allergies, immune disorders, hormonal imbalance and mental health, among others. This is why we need to regular detox to detox our bodies to maintain optimal health daily through gentle cellular detoxing.

Cancer research has proven this over and over again and doesn’t matter which health institution you go to for help after a cancer warning or worse (other than those doing chemo and or radiation where a detox is NEVER mentioned let alone Nutrition!!) this is always the first line of defence.

This is where the Imsyser product range comes into play – these products were designed to assist with modern day toxic overload which eventually manifests in all the thousands of auto-immune diseases as listed by big pharma & medicine. Most of these conditions are actually also caused by big pharma with the simplest, fastest route to supposed health being advertised in taking meds after med to restore symptom after symptom, usually aggravated by the very drug started in the first place!

Hoe does Imsyser help as a detox range??

Imsyser Health Products is dedicated to the process of assisting our clients in achieving body ‘BALANCE’ by means of a simple 3 – step, 100 % Natural health product kit designed to assist in not only ‘dis-ease’ prevention but in a process of obtaining optimal Immune and Gut Health. In achieving this state of HOMEOSTASIS = BALANCE, the body may brought into alignment to assist ITSELF in maintaining GOOD health in all its functionalities, the way it was naturally designed to do. It’s that simple.

Step 1: Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse Powder to rid the body of waste and toxins impacted in the gut. This is the preparation step. Do it regularly to ensure YOU are NOT the toxic dumping place of your own intestines!!! 100% natural cleansing from 100% natural herbal ingredients.

7 – day detox programme and no dietary changes are required. No irregular bowel movements are to be expected other than good excretion. This product may also be taken daily in smaller quantities as a fibre bulking agent with no harmful changes in gut behaviour. Seeing is believing what is removed over time. If this type of waste is not removed regularly from your gut, nothing GOOD (good nutrition into) penetrates effectively past these layers nor is WASTE removed effectively out of the body!!

Step 2: Imsyser Pre&Probiotic Liquid designed to ensure good maintenance of the gut health, to be taken preferably daily, and thereby also assisting optimal Immune health is ensured. This is a uniquely designed 12 STRAIN liquid Probiotic (500 ml; and once opened lasts 1 – 2 months) with a symbiotic relationship of the prebiotics and digestive enzymes needed to assist in & mimic natural gut behaviour. Can be taken as is or in a little juice. Works from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of gut, where most probiotics in tablet form do not perform. These unique Probiotics needed for the extreme ends of the digestive tract and as found in most pharmacies cannot be dried-freezed to go into a tablet or capsule form. Therefore, Imsyser is a truly amazing product, unique in its design, and instantly effective from the mouth right through to the lowest end of the digestive tract. The 100 % natural probiotic solution for support of most gut (and Immune) conditions.

Step 3: Imsyser Immune System Tablet Support. This modern day auto-immune product was specifically designed to not only supply all the necessary essentials needed to optimise Immune Health but assists in a gentle cellular detox, which rids the body of unnecessary cellular waste and thereby ensuring GOOD HEALTH, 100% NATURALLY. This product is 100% Natural, good for the whole family, all ages. 23 Essential Amino Acids, 11 Essential Vitamins and 11 Minerals in whole plant form for COMPLETE absorption, as well as a supply of Omega 3,6 & 9. Huge natural energy releases are one of the major benefits of this product. Nutrition = Energy!!

Of course, all of this is well balanced health regime. Various oils might also be used to assist in the general detox programming as per clinical tests on the values of these listed below:

  1. Lemon Myrtle
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Lemon Teatree
  4. May Chang
  5. Lemon.
  6. Rosemary
  7. Clove
  8. Valerian Root
  9. Mint Family
  10. Nees & Mart
  11. Myrrh

All the Imsyser products are Nappi-coded and available country-wide. Any other responses may also be attended to directly 086 010 3859 or email: or visit our website:


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