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Pointers For Those Battling With Weight Issues

Sharing a couple of pointers for those battling with weight issues.

DHEA – a hormone made by the adrenals, a precursor to all the sex hormones, that declines with age and has a lot to do with middle age weight gain. DHEA is known to block the enzyme known to produce fatty tissue, known to as an appetite suppressant and boosts metabolism.

Keep in mind that there is no quick fix but if the weight gain WAS as a result of the drop in DHEA then the weight loss can be addressed by the introduction of this product under the guidance of your health advisor.

HGH – human growth hormone – this hormone controlling our metabolism also drops with age and might result in weight gain. There has been known weight loss by taking a superficial supplement in the form of injections but must also be monitored by your health advisor. Keep in mind that your body produces this hormone after a good workout anyway.

Calcitron – a thyroid producing hormone – for calcium and phosphorous metabolism might also help on prescription by your health advisor.

Estradiol – a form of oestrogen – might be prescribed for post-menopausal woman – and might help control appetite.

Often fluid retention runs hand in hand with weight retention and for this purposes we might suggest herbs that act as diuretics and body detoxes: juniper berry, kola nut, parsley (kidney flushing) and red raspberry leaf tea.

A newer appetite control product is Korean Pine nuts – Pinolenic Acid and of course the more modern root – Hoodia – please however always do any of these routines under the guidance of your health advisor and remember at the end of the day it is about LIFESTYLE!  Once again a good start is always first to find out what your specific blood ID is and go from there when you which foods your body likes or doesn’t!! this will after-all also establish a healthier ‘you’ , ‘dis-ease’ free.

For more on this please call the Imsyser offices at 086 010 3859. Rememeber that none of this weight loss can be achieved in a toxic gut ‘mileau’ and for this Imsyser has the best products to detox the body ensuring weight loss assistance.

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