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Parasites & Pollution

Studies have proven that people suffering chronic fatigue may suffer from 2 primary causes: Parasite & Pollution.

If something living in you , lives ‘off’ you it is a parasite & it is No Good!!

If something living in you, provides a toxic ‘home’ environment in you, it is No Good!!

Pollution is everywhere in every form even in the thoughts we think! Do yourself the favour and watch Dr Caroline Leaf, an ex-SA now living in the States that has made ground-breaking discoveries in these capacities. It is mind blowing to watch ( Youtube) or read, she has numerous books, and quite honestly quite scary what we allow or do to ourselves. We could and should be our own ‘healers’ and not be running to the doctor with every little bit of discomfort.

As far as ridding the body of pollution and parasite, a good way to start is with a Deep Intestinal Cleanse and a Liver flush. Imsyser has an amazing range to assist in this. View for more on these amazing products. I always tell my clients that if you have been chronically ill for a while with nowhere else to turn look at parasites. It is not a nice subject to discuss but when you actually view them on a live screen, the reality of these horrid moving creatures is a scary reality.

Always remember to filter your water!! Remember I said pollution is everywhere.

Four clean-ups to do to end pollution in its tracks:

  1. Dental Clean up – Remove old Amalgum fillings. Ensure healthy gums at all times.
  2. Diet Clean up – Good solid Nutrition & Good Clean Water. Choose 100% Natural, wholeplant supplements. See for our incredible Immune Stabilising Tablet. All ages.
  3. Body Clean up – Do a regular Parasite Cleanse, Intestinal Cleanse and Liver Flush in this order. See for all three products or recipes to do these.
  4. Home Clean up – remove poisons, Go Green.

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