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How Else Might Green Tea Benefit Your Health?

By Dr Mercola: Aside from pure water, green tea is arguably one of the healthiest beverages around, with research pointing to impressive health benefits for your heart, bones, weight, vision, and even your brain. Green Tea Boosts Brain Health “Our findings provide first evidence for the putative beneficial effect of … Read more

Hypertension discussed by Imsyser

Hypertension is also categorized as either primary or secondary hypertension. The former applies to about 90-95 percent of those with high blood pressure, and while the conventional medical establishment claim the cause is idiopathic or unknown, primary hypertension (aka essential hypertension) is more than likely linked to insulin/leptin resistance. Secondary … Read more

More On ‘Real’ Water

Are you sure the Water you use is able to do that? Let’s Focus on S.A.’s Water Facts – Raindrops travel through : -Uncontrolled Sewage -Human Excrement -Agricultural Chemical Waste

Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Radically reduce your intake of sugar/fructose and processed foods. Normalizing your insulin and leptin levels by avoiding sugar and fructose is one of the most powerful physical actions you can

The Latest News About Green Peas and Broccoli

By Dr. Mercola A compound in broccoli, glucosinolate, produces a metabolite called sulforaphane that is responsible for many of broccoli’s health-promoting properties. Sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-diabetic and antimicrobial properties, and also kills cancer stem cells, which strikes to the heart of tumor malignancy. It can also significantly … Read more

Sensible Sun Exposure 3

Vitamin D Could Prevent 90 Percent of Breast Cancers heories linking vitamin D deficiency to cancer have been tested and confirmed in more than 200 epidemiological studies, and understanding of its physiological basis stems from more than 2,500 laboratory studies.

Top 12 Strategies for Optimizing Your Health

By Dr. Mercola A recent article by CNN1 lists 25 ways to get healthier. Some of the suggestions certainly have merit, but it was more noteworthy for the many ridiculous tips they included, and some of the crucially important ones they neglected. Actually, no surprises there, as the media is a … Read more

Free yourself from Stress

By Dr. Mercola The connections between stress and physical health are being explored at greater frequency these days. For example, recent news items have reported the links between emotional distress and physical pain,1 chronic inflammation2 and even stillbirths.3

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