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The Salt Detox

A natural salt detox has been part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  Often called “the salt peel” this involves covering the netire body in a paste made from coconut oil and salt and generating

What to do if you can’t sleep

–  Calcium in the diet helps one relax – Pantothenic Acid taken with Niacin is a Vitamin of the B complex group. – Taken with niacin will avoid face flushing – Herbal teas like Hops, Camomile & Quiet Night ( Contains Valerian, Yarrow & Catnip) – Avoid using caffeine products

Did you Know ? – Probiotics

There are more than 200 studies linking inadequate probiotic levels to more than 170 different diseases and health issues; here are just a few:

Detox and the Detoxification Diet

The simplest way to understand symptoms and disease integrates Western linear thinking, Chinese medicine and its philosophy of yin and yang, and the naturopathic approach to health and illness.  Problems in the body (and mind) often arise from either deficiency, where we are not acquiring sufficient necessary nutrients to meet … Read more

101 Household Uses for Colloidal Silver

Your chances of ending up with a life-threatening MRSA infection rise dramatically every time you prepare food, or sit down to eat. Indeed, according to the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, recent studies demonstrate that nearly 50 percent of all meat tested in U.S. supermarkets is contaminated with the deadly, antibiotic-resistant … Read more

Insight to Malaria !!

Malaria kills over one million people each year, most of whom are children under 5, and almost 90% of whom  live in Africa, south of the Sahara. Each year there are over 300 million clinical cases of malaria, that is five times as many as combined cases of TB, AIDS, … Read more

Imsyser Word on Micro-organisms…

Doctors wash there hands in hot water then cold a few times before operations for the following       reasons: 1. Micro organisms cannot withstand the sudden hot/cold temperatures. 2. Infections were very high in the old days before a certain doctor discovered this consept; he was    playing with an osciloscope counting … Read more

Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Radically reduce your intake of sugar/fructose and processed foods. Normalizing your insulin and leptin levels by avoiding sugar and fructose is one of the most powerful physical actions you can

Do This Every Night To Keep Evil Bacteria Out Of Your Body

A dangerous form of bacteria with the disturbing name Fusobacterium nucleatum is a disease enabler. It helps powerful pathogens enter your bloodstream and may lead to serious illness. But you can take a simple precaution every night to fight against its evil effects. What

Worry And The Anxiety Disorders

Everyone has fears and worries. Yet for some people, worrying can become a chronic illness or anxiety disorder. Chronic Worries Worrying at the small things in life is a common challenge for many people.

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