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Hypertension discussed by Imsyser

Hypertension is also categorized as either primary or secondary hypertension. The former applies to about 90-95 percent of those with high blood pressure, and while the conventional medical establishment claim the cause is idiopathic or unknown, primary hypertension (aka essential hypertension) is more than likely linked to insulin/leptin resistance. Secondary … Read more

Build an Indestructible Immune System

Would you like to put an end to painful constipation, bad breath, toxic waste from your body, and fatigue Forever ? You can get rid of ALL of these, by only taking 4 tablets a day!  It is no secret!  Its affordable, ultra-effective and can improve your overall health in … Read more

Benefits of Ginger discussed

Ginger has been used in China for over 2000 years to help digestion, teat diarrhoea, nausea and stomach upsets. A simple way to keep the blood flowing smoothly through-out your body, is easy.  Just pop by your local grocery store and get some ginger root.

Amazing Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is an all-natural food that is delicious and packed with an enormous amount of nutrients. Here are five ways raw honey can improve your overall health and well-being:

Why Detox ?

The problem you’re having, and even your doctor might be shocked to know, is that right now you’re walking around with an average of 5-10lbs. of undigested rotting fecal matter in your intestines. So it’s no wonder why almost 1 in every 4 Americans suffers from some type of digestive … Read more

Probiotic Levels

While gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, acne, and constant cravings are among the “early stage” symptoms associated with negative probiotic balance, these symptoms can’t compare to the havoc and devastation that

The Salt Detox

A natural salt detox has been part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  Often called “the salt peel” this involves covering the netire body in a paste made from coconut oil and salt and generating

More on the Air we Breathe

Millions of people suffer from a wide variety of ailments that are partly caused by an insufficient supply of oxygen. 1.  Incorrect breathing 2.  Insufficient fresh air

What is TRUE Rest?

Rest Our Bodies From: 1.  Eating Rich Meals Stay away from too many rich foods which cause indigestion and also overeating. Once a meal is eaten stay away from food for 5 or more hours before taking food again.


We must understand that the fully-grown human body consists of ± 75 trillion cells. each of us was only one cell strong, when our father and mother’s cells merged and a special DNA code was written to produce a unique and special individual. we need nutrients / building blocks for … Read more

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