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Benefits of balancing your hormones in fluctuating hormonal states

1. Weight loss 2. Decreased belly fat 3. More energy 4. Better moods 5. Increased libido Because of the way our hormones fluctuate, women are more susceptible to weight gain, moodiness and other distressing symptoms. Try our Imsyser Immune Stabilising tablets with Plant sterols and sterolins to stabilise hormones naturally. … Read more


The focus point of this program is to secrete as much toxins, fat, cholesterol, bile and bile crystals in the gut and to pass it out of the body. In order to prepare the liver for the flush, you need to cut out the following foods for about ten (10) … Read more

5 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu

Yup. It’s that time of year again… Your pharmacy or doctor has probably already tried to push the flu shot on you. Especially if you’re 65 or older. It turns out flu shots were only 9 percent effective last year against the H3N2 virus in adults over 65 years of … Read more

Is Ageing Your Concern?

Focus On Your Microbiome Let’s start at the beginning….. One month after birth, Bifidobacteria start to dominate a healthy, breastfed baby’s gut. That is the domination upon the mother’ mother culture from mommy at birth. Making up as much as 91%  of the microbes that live there. These good-for-you bacteria … Read more

Catering For Your Best Mental Health in 2021

 Depression and anxiety More people are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety than ever before and the stats in the past year have more than doubled with the biggest problem and the most concerning of issues being that the ages of being affected and afflicted are getting younger and younger. … Read more

Organic Coconut Oil

Natures Total Body Healing Balm Inside & Out Just to clarify that Imsyser “shares because we care” logo is not always because we want to sell products, all the time as per the general feeling in the market-place with most manufacturer/distributors of health products – but that sometimes it is … Read more

Understanding your brain

The Numbing of 2020 Does Not Have to be the same in 2021 We have seen it all around us and we all have even felt it to a lesser or larger extent in ourselves this past year…especially when working from home minus all the stimulation and movement!! I have … Read more

Internal Balance Your Saving Grace

Healthy detox Internal balance is not just a pH thing, acid/alkaline balance. It’s a whole body state where all systems function optimally in balance with each other. Also a state of health detox void of disease triggers/toxins, poisoning and it’s our healthiest nutritional status with the healthiest output as a … Read more

The 8 laws of Health

NEWSTART the easy way to remember Many might have heard of these 8 laws (NEWSTART the easy way to remember) but now more than ever when everyone is looking for an affordable easy to follow lifestyle to follow too keep any metabolic syndrome at bay and more specifically looking at … Read more

Dealing With Constipation during Pregnancy..

Basic Tips during pregnancy Constipation affects almost half of the woman during pregnancy and I know from experience, be it too many years ago, it is simply the worst nightmare at the bets f times. But it can be prevented, quite naturally by following ways and of course we, the … Read more

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