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OUR TOXIC ENVIRONMENT: Upon reading the article by the NHA as below there remains an ever larger health problem/risk more  than ever in recorded world history. Please read and share with me…..

“Just weeks after the completion (and failure) of one of the supposed ‘containment’ walls, TEPCO the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, has admitted that the levels of radioactivity in underground tunnels has risen sharply (4000x last year’s levels). The newly constructed containment wall is leaning so that the increasing contamination and obvious leaking of radiation is a serious matter. This news is only weeks old.

Around 400 to 500 tons of radioactive water, including seawater washed ashore in the March 2011 tsunami, is still pooled in the tunnels. It seems that nuclear power reactors must regularly release steam to lower the intense heat produced. Invisible radioactive particles are emitted into the atmosphere along with the steam and carried on air currents, eventually falling to the ground with rain and snow.

So why would anyone want to build nuclear reactors? The short answer is that the benefits are worth the risk.

This is the same short answer for all drugs, pesticides and the tons of other chemicals used everywhere today. So don’t expect anything to change. The risk vs benefits dogma can and will be constantly shifted by lobby groups, industry and even governments to suit their agenda. It is meaningless to the victims and in a way we are all victims.

Pollution is everywhere.

What to do? There is a great deal one can do to reduce the toxic load. Here are some of them:

  • Filter all drinking water
  • Filter shower water. Chlorine in the falling water changes into chloroform, which is inhaled.
  • Eliminate junk food and processed foods
  • Far infra-red sauna and sweat out toxins
  • Organic foods only, including free range eggs, meat and dairy
  • No cigarette smoking (of course).
  • Optimize health especially of the liver by taking extra nutrients.
  • Exercise helps body detox.

These efforts are no longer just luxuries but serious considerations in a polluted world.”

It now remains a choice to choose health at all costs. The above mentioned suggestions to optimise health should be a basic lifestyle change. This must however be maintained to keep ‘dis-ease’ at bay. Imsyser Health Products is a company passionate in assisting in this measure. Our customer care line is always available to assist not only in product advice but also any health issues where we can.

The Imsyser product range was developed to not only support health with its 3 product range but also assist in this very ‘detoxing issue’. The products are uniquely designed optimising not only gut functioning but also Immune functioning. Auto-immune diseases are rampant in nature ( a ‘new trend dis-ease’ of modern day living origin) and most of them have their nature in a level of toxicity which the body (Immune System) just cannot seem to manage. Stress levels are running high all the time and of course the food chain is so deplete of good nutrition that there is no way the average Immune System can function the way God ordained it to do.

So in a nutshell, here is some assistance from the Imsyser team:

  1. Do a regular Deep Intestinal Cleanse with the 7day Imsyser Cleanse you will feel renewed energy levels as the gut is cleaned and renewed digestive functioning is allowed. Please repeat this process till all hardened mucoidal waste is observed. Seeing is believing what is actually lying there trapped in the walls of the gut. Visit to see the possibilities. With chronic cases this product may be used daily.
  2. Use a daily probiotic to not only optimise gut functioning but ensure optimal microbial balances are attained and in so doing also optimise your Immune functioning. Imsyser Microbial liquid Stabiliser is a 12 strain cocktail totally unique in its design and advanced well above others in its mimicking of the gut microme; doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can be used by all ages. This product is amazing in its biofeedback from clients battling with IBS and gut associated conditions.
  3. Use a product such as the unique Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser ( 120 tablets, a month supply) since it manages to restore the body with its natural supply of essentials ( vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a supply of Omegas) whilst managing a gentle detox at cellular level. This is the ultimate solution for most auto-immune conditions. A gentle detox yet supplying nutritional support all in one product.

To benefit from our January / February Detox special (until stock lasts), call Liza, 086 010 3859 or visit our website to view these amazing products and more.

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