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“OUR MASK STORY”…..a Covid-19 relationship

“OUR MASK STORY” You might ask why share?

“OUR MASK STORY”. Mask making in compromised times. We got together in compromised times making something out of the circumstances. We have a story to tell…. Estie Meiring is the sole female owner of Advanced Branding & PPE (Pty) Ltd. She manufactures the ‘Ideal Guardian Trademark’ masks in South Africa. Therefore, Estie saw the unique opportunity to think out of the box during the Covid-19. She started the manufacturing of masks. Estie is involved in the Clothing industry. Thriving on the creative side of business and supporting local business especially in compromised economic times.

Estie is passionate about helping people. As a result of lockdown, she was unable to earn income. Estie started to think differently about business. In the scope allowed by the government, yet considering the pocket of the people.

Estie saw the opportunity for a good quality mask. Tested for durability and performance, re-usable, yet affordable with the ‘Ideal Trademark solution’.

The result.

A mask preventing the spread of the virus, also protecting the wearer of the mask. Estie’s husband, a health and safety engineer, stepped up to the task, testing the product to its ultimate design:  

The Ideal Guardian, Pure Silver, re-usable, anti-microbial face mask is uses X-Static technology. The Pure Silver X-static textile as a result is lab tested, CE certified, EPA registered and FDA Approved. The Anti-Microbial properties in the fabric Clinically proven to reduce pathogens in the fabric by 99.9% in 1-4 hours.

Whilst researching silver Nanotechnology, we came across the Imsyser website. Imsyser Health sells Vulcan Silver and various natural health products, and the joint venture started. Dianne is a female owner of the Imsyser Health Products Pty Ltd.; passionate about alternative natural medicine. Two woman’s combined business synergy and energy has proven to be a match made in heaven.

Our vision is to share our dream to help heal our Nations. Proudly SA-made masks, made by our people for our people. Similarly, through this joint venture, we attempt to continue to create even more job opportunities. In this we hope to reach many abroad for all to share in this “our story”.

Above all, during these difficult times, we still have businesses to run. However, in addition to having families to take care of and dreams to fulfil! So, the moral of the story is to simply never give up. Therefore, there is always another way of doing what you have to do in those times to make it happen…there is always HOPE…..

Please feel free to share your STORY with us.

Simply email us at or contact us for more information 086 010 3859.

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