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Our First Line Of Defence!

The importance of the Immune System is so under-rated since it is after all OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE!!!!

At the end of the day if your immune system functions optimally you should not have cancer! Only a compromised Immune System allows for cancer cells to literally slip through the gaps. Unfortunately most of the doctors will try and destroy the cancer cell (chemo and other treatments using various drugs) without ever asking or addressing the issue as to why we get cancer in the first place. Cancer is a response to an chronic inflammatory condition, and also conditional to insufficient immune reaction/response. The response is the same if the inflammation is from a toxic cellular overload or emotional overload(inflammation due to negative energy flooding the cells).

Sadly sugar seems to have been the biggest threat or risk factor for cancer predisposition as cancer cells LOVE SUGAR and so do we!! We have become SUGAR HOLICS!! Cancer feeds on sugar! And lets not forget that sugar is often used as a carrier for many of the chemo drugs to enter into the cell!! Now all we need is an acidic body in an non-aerobic state and inflammation sets in; the rest is history!

The Imsyser team would love to encourage you to read your labels and actively investigate all foods for hidden sugars and salts. Our heritage (DNA) is at risk inclusive of our most important heritage our kids. Moms and dads you are what you are eat and you will be the key determiner of what is consumed in your home. Cut the risk factors by becoming more aware with the Imsyser team in establishing even the smallest of changes to facilitate good health for generations to come and so too over a few generations to change our DNA heritage. We are NOT ruled by our genes. Your choices make ALL the difference. So join the Imsyser team reading and sharing articles with our fellow health advisors in the quest for good health for the generations to come.

 Some of the Imsyser products available on the website: may assist with good healthy detox to kick start the programme. For more feel free to consult with client services @ 086 010 3859.

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