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Our Children our Legacy

Children and food habits

Modern day diet has changed radically over the past century and has become a significant cause of disease and illness. Sugar is killer no 1! Processed foods making up more than 60% of our present diet  No 2. Traditionally we had healthy vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds as a larger portion of our plate to provide ultimate nutritional needs and energy.

The food we eat influences (epi-genics) our genes. The leading cause of the rampant rise in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and obesity seen today. It’s possible to prevent and even reverse the damage from a poor dietary lifestyle by eating naturally high nutrient density foods.

Processed Foods Leads to Illness

Modern food manufacturing techniques have removed most of the nutrition from the processed foods which represent such a significant portion of our calories. Vitamins, minerals and a host of essential nutrients provide the fuel we need to neutralize free radicals, facilitate DNA repair, counteract carcinogens and provide an effective immune response. After decades of nutrient deficiency our natural reserves are depleted and the stage is set for the onset of chronic disease often leading to a shortened lifespan. And then of course we have the added damage of excessive preservatives, sugar, salt and all kinds of other chemicals addition to boot!

Children Develop a Taste for Junk Food Early in Life

And if living legacy is our statement we as parents have to make the conscious decision to change lifestyle and bad habits preferable before they have developed even keener tastes for the baddies!

Many children are fed a diet of processed junk food from an early age. They quickly develop a taste for salty, sugared and fried foods. The instinct to eat vegetables, fruits and meats in their natural form is erased as their taste buds become satiated with a refined diet impregnated with artificially manufactured chemicals which are more pleasing to the taste. Children who acquire the taste for junk food early. Are much more likely to develop weight problems in later life and suffer from early onset chronic illness.

A Natural Food Diet Reverses Disease Progression

The vast majority of children and adults eat less than a 1/4 of the fruits and vegetables they need to provide minimal protection against disease. Include a minimum of five and optimally ten or more servings each day of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, berries, nuts, seeds, lean protein sources and protective monounsaturated fats. Prepare foods raw or minimally cooked and avoid overheating as this quickly removes nutrients. The human body has an amazing capacity to repair and reverse the effects of a poor diet. Health conscious people view natural foods as medicine which leads to a long and healthy life.

Change those lunch boxes!

Add a daily Probiotic to optimise nutritional uptake and digestion. See then the difference not only in their energy levels but also their general health. I have had the pleasure of watching a 4-year old of one of my employees. Visiting the doctor almost 2x weekly (with antibiotic over use). Be reduced to literally 2x yearly by just adding the Imsyser wholefood supplement and the Imsyser Probiotic. In fact. Energy levels increased with general health improvements just the added benefits of taking Imsyser with greater attention to well-being!

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