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Our Body’s Ability To Heal Itself

Sharing this article with you from Dr Arien Van Der Merwe…Our Body’s Ability To Heal Itself

By now you must know that I put immense trust in the amazing ability of our bodies to heal themselves, but do you know exactly how awesome the regenerative powers of your body really are?

Did you know that every 120 days, our bodies generate brand new red blood cells, or that every 50 days, you walk around with a brand new skeleton?
Do you know that there is no excuse for forgetting things!  Your amazing body generates new tissue and brain cells every 60 days.
You have a brand new bladder every 49 days, a new liver every 45 days, new hair and skin every 30 days and an out-of-the-box stomach lining every 5 days!

As if this is not good enough news – our DNA renews every 2 months!  But here’s the kicker – if we continue doing what we’ve always done, keep on believing what we always have and keep behaving like we always do, our DNA generates an exact replica of the previous.  Brand new, but it does not really help us because all the flaws just get carbon copied and from there on it is just business as usual.  Now I have two words for you – TELOMERASE ENZYME.

What?  Yes, Telomerase Enzyme.  Let me explain.  Telomeres are kind of like insulation caps at the end of chromosomes, helping to prevent fraying and deterioration of chromosomes wherein our DNA is coiled up into a tight spiral. They also help to determine the longevity of a cell. When chromosomes do their thing, some telomeres break off.
To keep it simple, less telomeres = older cell, more telomeres = younger cell

Telomerase is an enzyme (it ends in -ase) and reattaches telomeres to chromosomes.

You could, therefore, convince your cells that they are younger by having more telomeres.  But you can only do this if you let go of your old and flawed patterns.  Make a concerted effort to let go of the past, your misconceptions, fears, worries and negative ingrained views about life, and your body will regenerate your DNA accordingly.  It is almost like a miracle – you do the emotional release work, and your wonderful body will serve you as it always does to bring you the exuberant health and happiness you deserve.

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Let’s all live to become a healthy 120 (our natural life span!), happily, joyfully alive!

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