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Optimising Immune Health

The immune system is the most amazingly complex system in the body and in fact the ‘switch’ that ultimately system that indicates the start of ‘creational you’ and also the switch that determines that you have actually ‘passed on’. The function of the Immune system is to identify and destroy any invasion on or in the body, the main gates of entry being the digestive tracts and the lungs. Immune or fighter T cells is the army designed to do this work.

If under supported the Immune system is under–efficient/effective ( a typical 3rd world case scenario) but modern day Westerners have quite the opposite problem , an over –active Immune System called Auto-Immune conditions or diseases. The reason for this is toxic over load from various sources internal and external and an Immune System battling to cope under these unknown conditions resulting in an over-reactive response.

In both cases, ‘lifestyle’ is of crucial importance. Enough GOOD NUTRITION, GOOD WATER, REST & EXERCISE. It is always about this state of balance. Your Immune System is dependent on optimal intake of Vitamins and Minerals and this can only best be achieved by good healthy whole foods. Supplementation, although not the best source of these nutrients, has now become almost first choice since nutritional depletion exists at soil level leaving what was good wholefoods now nutritionally deplete as well. This chain reaction ends in the human gut, especially where this ‘balance’ is crucial. i.e. now the need for a daily dose of probiotics as well.

The Imsyser range has been specifically designed to support Immune Health and more specifically auto-immune conditions. The 3 step range has been researched and developed to:

  1. Detox and clean the gut. A  7 day ‘treatment’ or daily usage in aggravated cases;
  2. Stabilise the gut with a 12 Strain Liquid Pre- & Probiotic ( inclusive of Digestive enzymes) &
  3. Immune System Stabiliser Tablet. These tablets specifically assist in the gentle cellular detox whilst supplying the nutritional needs of an optimally tuned in Immune System.

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