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Whether it be super health we are trying to attain or mere prevention & treatment of ‘dis-ease’ , the core causes always stay the same. And if ‘dis-ease’ is not incentive enough then the mere thought of longevity , well a healthy one, should be incentive enough to try and maintain such. Sharing some risks that speed up ageing and ‘dis-ease”.

Inflammation is the NO 1 cause to ALL disease and ageing. Inflammation should be the normal part of the body’s healing process as per the Immune Response from a fully functional Immune System but when it gets out of hand, it can lead to some of the most common problems associated with aging & disease. Inflammation is always present in an acidic body condition and most auto-immune conditions and almost always cannot be effectively managed where not enough GOOD water is taken. Enough has also been said on ensuring healthy life style choices are taken to ensure a healthy pH and Good Hydration ALWAYS!! Mere Weight Gain in itself is caused in pretty much the same way, another ‘auto-immune’ condition of growing intensity world-wide with the same resultant open door for further disease and ageing.

This invariably leads to Hyper viscosity(thickened blood). As you get older, your blood starts to thicken, or become more viscous anyway. It travels through your body much slower mostly due to lessened exercise routines running hand in hand with sluggish lymph systems. Your cells and organs need fresh supplies of oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly and for effective renewal as was originally designed for every living cell or system depending on that particular system. We have previously shared these statistics.  If your blood’s too slow delivering ‘food’ for this process you will suffer the consequences thereof and more importantly lack the desired Energy not only for daily body maintenance but living life to the fullest capacity the way God designed the body to do for the optimal amount of years allocated.

And as this breakdown happens , DNA is destroyed and ageing or disease sets in. Your mitochondria are like your body’s cellular power plants. They produce the energy your cells need and they play an important role in the cell growth. If the DNA of the mitochondria break down prematurely, you’re left exhausted and your cells run the risk of dying well before their time.

Now this is not only NOT desired from a disease point of view but you run the added risk of collecting debris not removed out of the body through the various ‘lazy’ removal systems and then Cancer becomes a given. In other words, a regular gentle cellular & gut detox is also of crucial importance to maintain optimal health and weight, let alone reduce toxic overload and ageing.

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