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Do this One Small Thing to Drastically Improve your Health

I know coffee is what you are craving! I also know that by following this one quick tip, you will easily create a habit of one of the best health routines, ever. A regular, healthy morning routine can do wonders for your day…and your life. A lot of people in the world have their usual morning habits – they start their day with a hot cup of tea or cup of coffee to warm up after waking up. Five minutes can make such a difference!

Did you know that if you drink warm water, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, your body will benefit drastically?

Why You Should Drink Warm Water On an Empty Stomach FIRST THING!

  • Doing this routine will improve digestion rate.
  • Helps the body to remove the harmful toxins and metabolic waste from your body.
  • Detoxifies organs.
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Helps with stomach aches & menstrual cramps. The water’s heat will relax tummy muscles and it will soothe the pain. Warm water enhances capillary circulation and it relaxes the muscles.
  • Weight loss – warm water increases body temperature and accelerates your metabolism, burning  more calories and is highly beneficial to your kidneys and all excretion organs.
  • Improves circulation
  • Slows down the aging process as the presence of toxins in the body speeds up the aging process, and just like we said, water frees the body of toxins, and it slows down the aging process and increases the skin’s elasticity.

And remember to preferably use your good quality water. The best way to do this is to use warm water that has been made ‘live’ with your sole (pronounced SOLAY) solution. Boiling tap water only condenses the “baddies” in the water, so it would be even more beneficial to drink warm water that has been prepared as Sole Solution.

And the biggest bonus ever when you drink warm water

For all those battling with High Blood Pressure; try and take in at least 1 L of water on an empty stomach and watch all those extremely negative symptoms of high blood pressure slowly disappear.

And there’s even more benefits when you drink warm water

For those worried about Alzheimer’s. Do the same have at least 1-2 L on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. There is no scientific proof as yet but all in the natural healing industry will tell good results can be expected. We are chronically dehydrated as a species anyway. This is a known fact. And just maybe a lot of the healing lies with good water intake. We are just tweaking a couple of things in the intake routine to improve your health; this is after all the one thing that cannot be bought: GOOD HEALTH.

Here’s a great tip: Don’t drink water within 30 minutes before a meal and 60 minutes after a meal

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