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Obsessions With Gut Health And Rightly So!!

Obsessions with Gut Health and rightly so!!

Health starts with our Diet

The health and wellness community is obsessed with gut health—and for good reason! We all know what a bummer digestive problems can be, and, in fact, it’s hard to feel healthy at all when you are experiencing digestive upset of any kind. Poor digestive health can cause you to worry and affect your ability to travel and be spontaneous, not to mention truly enjoy your food.

Investing in a healthy gut means investing in your overall health and happiness. And while there is a wealth of information out there optimizing gut health, the best place to start is with the foods you are eating! Luckily, there are a ton of delicious foods that are great for your digestion. We know about them they originally came from our gardens and still do!!

Imsyser to the rescue- GREENFOOD

After we have sourced all we can for the organic when in doubt we haven’t met the daily requirements or just don’t have the time – do greenfood! In salads in soups in shakes however you please but please go green. You are worth it! Your health is EVERYTHING!

Imsyser to the rescue once again – PROBIOTICS

Imsyser has by far the most ‘modern of’, closest to home (our gut) of all the brands on the market place. Good for simple indigestion bloating all the way across to IBS and worse. This products works almost instantly and at a tenth of the price when calculated that the 500 ml might serve you up to 2 months or the whole family for a good 30 days. All ages benefit just use in a little juice for the kiddies and you all set to go! My grandchild is ‘addicted’ and we have sorted her constipation issues soon after birth staying with 1ml a day and up thereafter. We all need a DAILY probiotics.

Imsyser to the rescue for the ultimate clean – deep intestinal cleanse.

Always best to start here. 7 days of gentle cleansing that benefits all ages and will not create lazy gut actions with out continued use either. Results are spectAcular. Seeing is believing g what is actually ‘ living’ inside of you doing all the damage we have mentioned earlier!

So go IMSYSER go with our products designed to support gut health and Immunity for all modern day issues.

To buy these products or get more information, please visit our website or call our customer care line:  086 010 3859

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