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Obesity Problem…We can Help…

Africa and Our Obesity Problem

Lifestyle changes means Africa faces a growing obesity problem – 50% by 2030!!

Looking at the Africa trends as stipulated by one of my esteemed colleagues, we have a vested interest, as a company to formally educate our people on the health risks involved being Diabetic or even Insulin Resistant.

Obesity is a serious public health problem because it significantly increases the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart diseases as well as certain cancers.

It also puts considerable strain on healthcare and social resources.

Increased urbanization is associated with lifestyle changes such as decreased physical activity. This is often accompanied by increased intake of high caloric fast foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. This combination has contributed to the rising burden of obesity in towns and cities in developing countries.

Chaya Or Spinach Tree Leaves

Imsyser Chaya Leaf Powder Capsules (120)                                  Imsyser Dried Crushed Chaya Leaves 100g                            Imsyser Dried Chaya Leaves (Powder) 200g

For this very purpose Imsyser has not only sourced amazing products to assist in disease management but also added a new product Chaya specific to the prevention and management of Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Sugar metabolism, and weight management.  The product is already available with FDA approval and is going to the market place as we speak as part of the Imsyser health product range.

Available on line in powder (smoothie consumption) or capsules or leaves (tea consumption)

We recently had the most amazing testimony of a client who had a stroke unknowingly. The client was paralyzed on the one side. One day starting the cleanse and taking the Chaya and all life came back to that side!!! This is real life changes!!

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