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Oatmeal Helps Control Weight

We are sharing another article on controlling your weight:

By Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, MDs

When Cleopatra slipped into her oatmeal-and-buttermilk-filled bathtub, she was making sure her skin would be healthy and smooth all day long. What she didn’t know what that those magic grains could do the same for her insides.

It seems that nutty-tasting oat groats (that’s what the seed inside an oat husk is called) are a powerhouse of anti-aging nutrients. One cup provides two of the six servings of whole grains you should eat daily. That’s almost a third of your fibre and around 20 % of your iron, as well as 4 %  of your calcium. This helps maintain a healthy, youthful cardiovascular and digestive system.

And there’s more good news about oatmeal: A new study from Louisiana State University School of Nutrition and Food Sciences shows that oatmeal satisfies your hunger better than ready-to-eat cereals, even those made from oats.

From our side the rougher the texture the better, steel cut oats or rolled the best. And this tip works fellow weight lossers….

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