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Nutrition Basics

Each vitamin is but a member of a ‘team’ and the ‘team’ itself is but a part of a ‘co-ordinated whole’.

This is where Imsyser lay claim to the fact that Imsyser is a whole product supplement, the only way to choose a supplement since nothing in nature exists in its singular form. Think of any fruit, veggy or food; it is a cocktail of minerals, vitamins and more.  Nothing is wasted as the product is absorbed in its ‘wholeness’ since the body recognises it as such, not a foreign, singular form. Why spend so much money on a supplement that is merely excreted, usually in most chemical alternatives, anything up to 80 % of the product, through the kidneys. What a waste!

The body of the average Westerner is chronically nutritionally deficient and ill-balanced and most diseases have their origin in this state. Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablet was uniquely designed to support Immune health by supplying all the basic essentials: 23 Essential Amino Acids, 11 Essential Minerals and 11 Essential Vitamins as well as a supply of Omega 3, 6 & 9 in whole product form. ‘Essential’ means that the body cannot produce these. This product will not only ensure you get an amazing balance of essentials but also ensure that a gentle cellular detox  is  maintained to ensure optimal health daily. You are not only as healthy, these days, as that which you ‘put into’ the body but also that which you ‘remove’ from the body(regular/ daily detox).

Cancer and most Auto-immune conditions are resultant of this accumulated waste effect at cellular level, especially when no effective loss is resultant and the toxic overload becomes too much for the Immune System to cope with. Proper Nutrition is of vital importance in maintenance of good health. Eating food that the Creator made for us should always be first choice!

As you would think twice about buying processed foods of all types, so too, you should think twice about a choice of supplement. Health is not in a pill of any kind but with soil depletion at its worst ever , we have no choice! Choice your supplement wisely.

Chronic Fatigue is becoming all more prevalent even from a young age and if we think about the message, as above, we can understand this . No Nutrition, No Energy. No Waste Removal, No Energy. It’s that simple. As a rule chronic fatigue is a sign of disease or pending disease. Body functions slow or shut down and we wonder why our doctors are booked to the hilt. pH drops, balance is disturbed and Metabolic Syndrome sets in.Stabe-Imsyser

As far as our children are concerned, watch the difference in them when these same changes are implemented. Attention is improved, health improved and much much more. Health for the family will always lie in hands of the mommy. Whatever you are buying or preparing will determine the health of your family.

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