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Nutrients Designed To Heal Autoimmune Disease

Nutrients DESIGNED To Heal Autoimmune Disease With over 250 million people suffering from this ‘dis-ease’ worldwide, auto-immunity is becoming a prevalent and concerning health problem. Auto-immunity is when the immune system becomes uncoordinated and begins attacking itself. This sounds pretty much like a classic description of cancer and, in reality, cancer IS an auto-immune problem.…


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Nutrients DESIGNED To Heal Autoimmune Disease

With over 250 million people suffering from this ‘dis-ease’ worldwide, auto-immunity is becoming a prevalent and concerning health problem. Auto-immunity is when the immune system becomes uncoordinated and begins attacking itself. This sounds pretty much like a classic description of cancer and, in reality, cancer IS an auto-immune problem. And we wonder why the statistics are so high?

The history of these health challenges is normally rooted in digestive health. It is normally classically a state of diminished health from either the ‘toxic root’ we normally see in modern day living;  poor lifestyle choices that affect our health and compromise  our Immunity; and/or most people are classically nutritionally deplete and dehydrated.


Well it would seem the easiest thing to do would be to optimise the intake of water! Hydration sorted?? Well, in reality, they have proven that the quality of water is so poor that effective hydration is impeded even if you were taking the preferred 2 Litres of water a day. And then, we are mostly drinking ‘dead’ water that has been so ‘filtered’ that all the good existing nutritional portion is stripped right out of the water. This is a huge problem!!!!

Phone Imsyser HO if you would like to know more on how to optimise your water’s nutritional levels, 100% naturally at literally no cost.

 Lifestyle and Diet

Having said that we now go to the issues of ‘lifestyle’. Quite simply here are a couple of golden rules and remember ….these are CHOICES we make:

  • Lifestyle & Diets. Simple good lifestyle adjustments are crucial to maintain and or treat your Immune-compromised state. Healthy eating. You’ll need to centre your diet on more fruits, vegetables and whole grains — foods that are high in nutrition and fibre and low in fat and calories — and cut down on animal products, refined carbohydrates and sweets. In fact, it’s the best eating plan for the entire family. Weight often lies at the core of these auto-immune discrepancies.
  • No SUGAR! Not even sweeteners, honey or molasses. Use fruit very sparingly! Sugar is ENEMY NO 1!!!!
  • Take a daily probiotic; scientific studies have evaluated the benefit of good bacteria on gut health as relating to any and every disease. IMSYSER has an amazing Pre & Probiotics to ensure good maintenance of the Gut health daily and thereby also assisting optimal Immune health is ensured. This is a uniquely designed 12 STRAIN liquid probiotic (500 ml; once opened lasts 1 – 2 months) with a symbiotic relationship of the prebiotics and digestive enzymes needed to assist & mimic natural gut behaviour. Can be taken as is or in a little juice. Works from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of gut, where most probiotics in tablet form do not even work. These common probiotics as found in pharmacies cannot be dried-freezed to go into a tablet or capsule form. Therefore Imsyser is a truly amazing product, unique in its design, and instantly effective solution to 100 % probiotic support for gut (and Immune) health.

Most autoimmune patients seem to have some kind of bacterial imbalance in the gut. Having a healthy bacterial balance is key to having a healthy digestive tract and proper immune function. Dysbiosis is also heavily associated with inflammation that can directly promote auto-immunity. The microbiome connection to auto-immunity is even being investigated for clinical treatment of auto-immunity . Unfortunately, modern day we have many things that really destroy the good bacteria in our gut. These are things like municipal tap water, pesticides in crops, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, processed foods, alcohol, and the list goes on. So, the first priority is to really work on getting this microbiome destroying toxins out of our lives, then to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria.

  • Exercise regularly. Everyone needs regular aerobic exercise, and people who are Immune compromised are no different.
  • Hydrate. As discussed above, CRUCIALLY important!
  • Get adequate rest. Get enough sleep at night. Take stress seriously. And get plenty of sleep.
  •  Sunlight. Vitamin D. Vitamin D is arguably one of the most powerful nutrients responsible for modulating and coordinating the immune system. In auto-immune dis-orders, the immune system has a hard time differentiating self from non-self (foreign invaders). Vitamin D helps the immune system make this important distinction. Vitamin D deficiency is vastly common in our society due to sunscreen use and low amounts of sun exposure. On top of this, the average diet is severely lacking dietary sources of Vitamin D such as organ meats and certain fish. Sunlight is by far and away the most important factor in optimising your vitamin D levels. Not only does skin exposure to sunlight help produce vitamin D in its sulfated form, which may have unique benefits to the body in addition to supplemental vitamin D. Our ancestors frequently ate organ meats in their diets, such as liver, that were dense sources of vitamin D. Other great sources of dietary Vitamin D are wild fish like sockeye salmon and sardines. Omega supplies are also naturally optimised with these foods.
  • Temperance. This part of the health equation for balancing Immunity and ensuring dis-ease prevention as well as optimising immunity is crucially important. Dr Caroline Leaf to the rescue. Please visit our website for more on the woman’s amazing healing touch when delving onto the ‘real’ reason behind health issues, especially immunity.
  • And finally, supplementation;

We all know we should be getting this from our foods. Foods are the best as they are ‘whole’ and can be used and optimised because they are 100% natural unlike chemical alternatives that cannot be fully absorbed. Imsyser to the rescue. This whole food 100% natural product compares to none!

Imsyser Health Products

Imsyser Supports Immune functioning with an Auto-immune product that not only supplies all the necessary essentials to optimise Immune Health but also doing a gentle cellular detox to also rid the body of unnecessary waste and thereby ensuring GOOD HEALTH, NATURALLY. All our products 100% Natural good for the whole family all ages. 23 Essential Amino Acids, 11 Essential Vitamins and 11 Minerals as well as a supply of Omega 3,6 & 9 all in whole plant form for TOTAL absorption. Huge natural energy releases are one of the major benefits of this product.

What else is needed??

All the basics required to optimise immunity specifically for auto-immune conditions:

Vit D …………..…….YES!!


OMEGA 3……….…YES!!


So what about Zinc??

Zinc is another critical nutrient for healthy immune system function. Proper zinc levels help support the thymus gland and the formation of T helper cells, which are vital for coordination of the immune system. Studies have shown that chronically low zinc levels can result in atrophy of the thymus gland which leads to poor T helper cell maturation and an imbalance in the Th1 and Th2 branches of the immune system. It is this immune imbalance that contributes to chronic inflammation and auto-immunity.

And Anti-oxidants??

Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets is loaded with super anti-oxidants.

 What about Omega 3 fatty acids??

Omega 3 fatty acids play a very important role in auto-immunity. it’s important to increase omega 3 consumption to create a balanced ratio in the body since most diets are already compromised with elevated omega 6 levels, causing systemic inflammation that is indicated in most auto-immune dis-orders .

Imsyser has the whole ‘cocktail’ of naturally existing whole foods’ essentials, essential for good health and optimised Immunity. The best probiotic in the market place and much much more for good healthy gut and Immune functioning. You need look no further. Call 086 010 3859 or simply visit www.imsyser.co.za for more on these amazing products.

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