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Nucleo Superfood ….. Available from Imsyser TODAY!

NUCLEO SUPERFOOD ……available from Imsyser TODAY!


Surely you and I deserve at least one affordable super healthy meal every day to sustain an energetic, disease free life!

Especially with winter upon us….

That is exactly why we have been manufacturing NUCLEO for the last 10 years.

A 43 ingredient, nutritionally complete and natural Super Food;

  • All the healthy proteins, fats (omega oils) and low GI carbs you need daily.
  • Plus 100% of the vitamins and minerals you need.
  • Plus more than the amino acids you find in a normal whey protein.
  • Plus your full dosage spirulina and colostrum to kill bad bacteria, suppress viruses, stop diarrhea.
  • Plus pre-biotics and digestive enzymes to pamper your intestine which supports the fueling of your cells for optimal efficiency.
  • Plus lecithin, selenium and Omega 3 for improved concentration and fabulous focus.

 Free from chemicals.

 Free from gluten.

 Free from dairy.

 Free from sugar.

 Safe for all ages. So safe it serves as powerful expecting mommy nutrition for optimal growth of the baby.

 Extraordinary capacity to fight disease.

 Improved concentration and focus.

 Sustained energy during your day or your vigorous training program.

NUCLEO was formulated by medical Doctor and Nutritionist, Dr Anton Janse Van Rensburg. Since 2007, thousands of people have been using NUCLEO as a healthy meal-on-the-run.

 @ R9 for 25g (1 scoop)  this healthy shake is cheaper than a can of unhealthy soda for a child! Superb school Nutrition. Superb Tasting. Easy to prepare!

Even @ R18 for 50g (2 scoops) as a nutritionally complete meal for an active man or women, Nucleo is still cheaper than a cup of coffee!

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