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November Is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month. How can Imsyser help?

Well over and above the fact that the products are designed to support auto-immune conditions and Diabetes IS an auto-immune disease; the products delve at the level where the root cause of the disease is managed. Remember it is ALWAYS about lifestyle issues. It is about choices and more specifically food choices. All health lies at the level of NUTRITION…

So step no 1 is ALWAYS about making and teaching yourself over 21 days (repeatedly over and over again until this healthy choice becomes your standard!!). and so the process starts… if you can’t help yourself, please visit ‘YouTube’ and listen to Dr Caroline Leaf on how to do this. She is quite simply brilliant!!

Next is to address the toxic issues on hand since they are ALWAYS there. I have found even when I am doing everything right or almost right, day in and day out, toxicity always finds its way into the system. Remember that even a thought process or simple state of unforgiveness might add to this vicious equation of increased toxicity. Once again please go and visit dr. Caroline Leaf for more on this. She is a specialist (professor) in brain issues. I regularly do cleanses (gut and liver) to assist the body (including your immune system) to deal with these issues. And you will not believe how fixing or cleansing the gut actually helps with all the ‘head’ issues as well!!  Believe you me I have seen some scary waste come out of my body and that afters years’ worth of owning the company Imsyser and working with myself daily.

So! We have established you need to do a deep intestinal cleanse regularly – if unwell, aim for every 6-8 weeks initially until ‘dis-ease’ symptoms diminish. Almost as regularly I would do a liver flush for the same reasons and drink enough GOOD water, DAILY, to actually assist your body to remove and flush out this waste.

Then of course ALWAYS use a daily probiotic. Imsyser has the product!! Enough for up to 2 months and if in doubt read any scientific journaling on the value of probiotics associated with issues around Diabetes and for that matter any dis-eased states and especially WEIGHT-LOSS.

And FINALLY, but of course NOT least – the Imsyser Immune STABILISING tablets. Truly uniquely designed and they definitely DO assist with Diabetes. I have seen the results over and over again. If you scroll back to about 3 weeks ago you will once again listen to the living testimony of a mother battling for 11 years with Diabetes of her now 18 year old. She had not only lost 2 years of schooling but actually ends up in ICU when she gets sick.

Well no more!! So we need to prove no more; the results speak for themselves. So why not try for yourself and see and feel the results!!


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