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How Does A Normal Cell Become Cancerous? Part 2 of Cancer education

Sharing more on how does a normal cell, which is not cancerous, become cancerous? There are 2 aspects to this:

  1. cancer at the systemic level, meaning what conditions in the body allowed the cancer to grow out of control and how do we deal with this issue. These we have dealt with in our previous article.
  1. And to be discussed now; what causes cancer at the cellular level so that a healthy cell become cancerous?

In a normal cells, molecules called ATP, produce the energy of the cell. ATP molecules are created inside the mitochondria which are inside of every human cell. In fact, there are thousands of mitochondria inside of every human cell. The normal process of creating ATP molecules is this:

1) Glucose gets inside of the cell from the bloodstream,

2) Some of the glucose is converted into pyruvate

3) Pyruvate gets inside of the mitochondria,

4) Once inside the mitochondria, pyruvate is at the beginning of two sequential chemical reactions creating most of the ATP molecules in the cell. These are NORMAL healthy processes.

Abnormal cellular reactions = the very definition of a cancer cells = low ATP energy!!

Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than a normal cell but create a very small number of ATP molecules!! Cancer cells are ATP molecule starved and they have to revert to fermentation to create what little ATP molecules they create. The thing that blocks the production of ATP molecules is a very special bacteria that is inside the cancer cells!! (The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, and others, believe the microbe is Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori. In some cases Fusobacterium may be involved as well as it is also known to get inside of cells).

Everyone has H. pylori bacteria resident in their digestive tract. How does H. pylori get inside of a healthy cell? Generally it doesn’t. But:

  1. in some cases an acidic diet can make this bacteria highly aggressive and it can literally drill itself inside of a normal cell to get away from the acidity in the blood, as discovered by Robert O. Young, PhD. or
  1. Another way microbes can get inside of cells is because asbestos or the chemicals in tobacco cut the cell membrane and they escape through here. This can allow microbes inside the cells.

In 2004, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation found that the bacteria blocks ATP production in two different ways:

  1. “bacteria eat glucose so as the bacteria proliferate inside the cell and they intercept more and more glucose. This means less and less pyruvate is made because there is less glucose to be converted into pyruvate. This means less ATP is made!!
  1. microbes excrete mycotoxins, which are highly acidic and totally worthless molecules.”

Also “In one of its smaller states it is the size of a virus and can enter inside of the cell nucleus. Like a virus, which gets inside of the nucleus, the DNA of the cancer microbe can interact with the DNA inside the cell nucleus and change the DNA structure of the cell.” So now we have bacteria creating gas in the wall of the cell, eating all the ‘food’ a healthy cell needs and creating a toxic environment ready for dis-ease to step in.

“The DNA damage of a cancer cell is caused by the DNA of the same highly pleomorphic bacteria that blocks the production of ATP molecules. Actually, this  bacteria does many other things to create cancer cells, protect cancer cells from the Immune System and spread cancer!! In fact, the characteristics of this bacteria are mind-numbing. Now with cancer cells stealing glucose from the body the non-cancerous cells have less glucose and become very sick!!

“In 1890 the distinguished pathologist William Russell (1852-1940) first reported “cancer parasites” in cancer tissue that was specially stained with carbol fuchsin, a red dye. The “parasite” was found inside and outside the cells. The smallest forms were barely visible microscopically; and the largest parasites were as large as red blood cells. Russell also found “parasites” in tuberculosis, syphilis and skin ulcers.”

“Note that the cancer microbe was found both inside and outside of the cancer cells. One method that cancer cells use to spread quickly (at least for some kinds of cancer) is for the cancer microbe to come out of the cell, travel through the blood and create a new “colony” of cancer cells far from the original colony. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, melanomas, sarcomas and uterine cancer have all been identified by ICRF researchers as spreading in this way!!”

This is just the beginning….

The cancer microbe also excretes enzymes that coat the outside of the cancer cells. This coating of enzymes blocks the immune system from identifying the cancer cells as being cancer cells!! And here is the really interesting bit we always wonder about and for that matter if it is not being advised worry about:

‘It was also discovered, around the 1950s, that natural pancreatic enzymes, made in the pancreas, could dissolve this protein coating so the immune system could identify and thus kill the cancer cells. This discovery in turn led to the advice that natural cancer treatments should prohibit the cancer patient from eating meats or other foods that the pancreatic enzymes cut apart. In other words, these foods “use up” the pancreatic enzymes while in the stomach so less of them are available to expose cancer cells to the Immune System. When a cancer patient is using pancreatic enzymes in their protocol, they should not eat meat or dairy products. In fact, no cancer patient should eat very much meat and they should not eat or drink any dairy products (for multiple reasons) or sugar.”

The cancer microbes are a cancer-causing machine. In summary, cancer at the systemic level is caused by an imbalance between the strength of the Immune System and the number of cancer cells.

But cancer at the cellular level is caused by very unique and common microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. These microbes do many amazing things to help cancer cells do their damage and protect themselves!!

And then it gets worse…..

Cancer cells create and excrete large amounts of lactic acid, as already mentioned, as they process large amounts of glucose inefficiently. This lactic acid goes into the bloodstream and gets to the liver. The liver converts the lactic acid to glucose , feeds the cells and the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid again and this recycling continues. This cycle is what kills about half of all cancer patients because so much energy is consumed at both ends of the cycle. The patient becomes very weak and simply dies. The lactic acid also blocks many key nutrients from getting to the cancer cells!!

Orthodox medicine claims that ALL cancer is caused by DNA damage. This is nonsense. However, in theory in rare cases DNA damage may cause cancer.

“Let’s talk about the famous BRCA2 gene as an example. Can a defect in this gene cause cancer? It is not clear whether the BRCA2 gene is a cause of cancer or that the microbes inside the cancer cells cause the BRCA2 gene damage. Orthodox medicine would never examine this issue because they are looking to sell drugs, not save lives”. So how does a bad gene create a cancer cell? In a cell, genes are the patterns used to make enzymes or proteins. If a gene is damaged then the enzymes or proteins made by this gene will be defective.

“Everything that goes on in a cell is controlled by proteins. If these are damaged then one or more of the large number of chemical chain reactions inside the cell may fail. This may mean the creation of ATP is damaged.

If a significant amount of ATP energy production is blocked inside the cell, then by definition the cell is cancerous”.

In sharing this very interesting with our clients we make the understanding of Cancer a process of recognition as what to do to prevent cancer get the better of you. Dealing with acidity was surely one of the first triggers we noticed and then of course, stemming from the information as per part one of this informative  blog, ridding the body of all forms of parasite and bacteria as regularly as possible. Imsyser have the products to support this  cleansing and more importantly maintain the healthy bacterial balance to assist the body to do what it knows best when being treated best by ‘itself’!!! visit   for more on these products or to see what part 1 had to share.

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