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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is soaring!!

Things to know about your Liver

The liver is the most important and longest organ in the human body. Its main function is to filter and clean the blood. The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body.  When the liver can’t effectively neutralize and dispose of toxins, they accumulate in the body. Up to one third of all one’s blood is at any given time in the liver. All the more reason to ensure that toxins are not present in the blood to be carried out and throughout the body. Good health is impossible without a proper functioning liver. Over time, we abuse and overtax the liver, so that illness is the inevitable result.

As part of a programme to repair and rebuild the liver we must –

  • Remove all the excess fat from the liver
  • Get bile flowing freely again
  • Eliminate toxic waste that our livers have filtered out from the blood
  • Dissolve and pass out the accumulated gallstones that are stored in our livers
  • Regenerate the damaged and destroyed cells of the liver.

(Did you Know? A Liver Cleanse done within 24 hours can prevent a gallstone operation)…..a simple over-night recipe to follow with ingredients mostly available in most homes.

As a rule, this is something I advise all our clients to do at least seasonally – the results are always spectacular from a health and energy perspective and with all honesty this major detox organ also needs a little help with the modern-day toxicity overload.

A little help from the Imsyser Chaya range

Not only is this one plant ingredient product big on supplying huge iron supplies but also big in improving all circulation – i.e. the help with Diabetes and heart related issues as sugar metabolism is improved and fats broken down. This super antioxidant product is also big in reducing heavy metal loads thereby also assisting in gentle detoxing at all cellular levels:

The Value of a Probiotic & Enzymes

Your liver also needs good microme (bacteria) for effective functioning as does the rest of the body:

and the latest discovery: zinc and liver disease….

The Zinc Connection

“A controlled clinical study, conducted at Osaka-Rosai Hospital and published in 2018 in Nutrients, involved 267 participants with chronic liver disease – including hepatitis B & C, alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver disease proved that:

After 36 months, the zinc group had lower levels of inflammatory markers, along with improved liver function.  Meanwhile, participants who didn’t receive any supplementary zinc experienced deterioration in liver function”. The researchers also reported that the zinc group had a lower risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of liver cancer in adults. Experts say that the growing national rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes set the stage for chronic liver disease, which can result from an excess, not of alcohol – but of calories.

For example, the researchers observed that having insufficient zinc in the body may cause an activation of hepatic stellate cells, which in turn promotes lipid per-oxidation. The result: increased fatty accumulation in the liver. Zinc, an essential trace element, carries out a range of important functions – such as promoting normal digestion, maintaining the health of skin and hair and supporting wound healing.

Two other essential nutrients for healthy liver function are milk thistle and glutathione. These will however as with Zinc ensure good liver functioning but should be incorporated in a healthy living program where regular cleanses are ensure for optimal healthy liver functioning. For more call The Imsyser Head office +86 010 3859

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