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New Studies On Probiotics For Babies

New Studies On Probiotics For Babies

We are so often bombarded with the benefits of probiotics quite neglecting the benefit needed at ‘ground’ level, for our new-born babies. More recent studies done on the importance of probiotics has been directed at the value of such and the importance of the ‘mother to be’ to taking a daily dose of probiotics not just for the benefit of her own health and wellbeing but also that of her unborn baby.

Studies to Prove their value in new-borns

This new study, led by Bäckhed and Jovanna Dahlgren at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Wang Jun at the Beijing Genomics Institute-Shenzhen, China, supports previous observations that most early bacterial colonizers of the gut are derived from the mother. The investigators noted that while C-section babies receive less of their mother’s microbes, they are still able to be passed on through the skin and mouth.

Once bacteria take hold in an infant’s gut, their populations shift depending on what a child eats. The researchers believe that the cessation of breast-feeding is such a significant moment in microbiome development because certain types of bacteria thrive on the nutrients breast milk provides. Once these nutrients are no longer available, other bacteria emerge that are more commonly seen in adults.

Studies to Prove their Value in Children

And then we are dealing with nutritional depletion as a result of soil depletion and we wonder why our children battle at school and the number of ADD cases are on the increase yearly worldwide. Your gut microme to the rescue, ALWAYS. And to help this crucially important balance, Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser. This balance must be managed DAILY. The  hugely advanced probiotic to the rescue as with the Imsyser 12 strain liquid probiotic. Good for all ages. Contains a source of prebiotics and has a symbiotic relationship between these pre- and pro-biotics. And, amazingly, the 100% natural digestives enzymes present in this fermented liquid.

“Our results underscore the role of breast-feeding in the shaping and succession of gut microbial communities during the first year of life,” the authors write. “The gut microbiota of children no longer breast-fed was enriched in species belonging to Clostridia that are prevalent in adults, such as Roseburia, Clostrium, and Anaerostipes. In contrast, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus still dominated the gut microbiota of breast-fed infants at 12 months.”

No and once again no to antibiotics

Antibiotics account for one ¼ of all medications given to children, with a 1/3 of prescriptions considered unnecessary. In addition to concerns about antibiotic resistance, these drugs are known to disrupt a child’s gut microbiome in ways that a growing amount of evidence suggests may have long-term consequences, including obesity, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.

“Based on a review of the literature, biotechnologist Dan Knights, of the University of Minnesota, and colleagues developed a framework for how antibiotics may be acting in the gut to cause these outcomes. In the case of allergies, for example, the use of antibiotics may eradicate key gut bacteria that help immune cells mature. These cells would have been essential for keeping the immune system at bay when confronted with allergens. Even if these bacteria return, the immune system remains impaired.”

The Gut Microbiome’s Role in Asthma

The medical mystery around the recent increase in asthma prevalence, especially for children up to age four, has led researchers to consider changes in the gut and airway microbiome as a contributing environmental factor in the development of this treatable, but uncomfortable, condition.

“Susan Lynch and Kei E. Fujimura of the University of California San Francisco present the latest research in mice exploring this relationship, especially how specific types of bacteria alter the presence of different immune cells. Though still an emerging body of work, they believe it is evidence that manipulation of the airway/gut microbiome at an early age could lead to new strategies to prevent or manage asthma.”

With all the newfound complications before toxic overload has taken its toll on the lives of our children we had better wake up to the fact that attention to diet and more specifically to a good Daily probiotic is now a necessity for all for all the reasons as mentioned.

Imsyse to the rescue..

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