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New Product from Imsyser Health Team – CoQ10

Studies prove that by the time you reach middle age—your CoQ10 levels can decrease by 72%! Over 1,600 research papers and published articles testify to the benefits of CoQ10.

Since the organs that use the most amount of CoQ10 are your heart, liver, & lungs these are some of the symptoms you might expect:

▶  Low energy!                                                                                                               CoQ10

▶  Changes in your blood pressure!

▶  Heart issues!

▶  Difficulty breathing!

▶  Foggy thinking!

▶  Premature ageing—and ageing!

▶  Blood sugar worries!

If you’re running so low on CoQ10 your body can’t function optimally! Scientific studies show when you supplement with CoQ10—you can increase your CoQ10 levels and reverse many common “old age” problems.

Gut health is crucially important in this regard as specific starch molecules in the gut lining act as carriers to transport CoQ10 molecules directly into the cells of your GI tract. From there the CoQ10 goes into your blood—and then the healing begins!

Start off with effective gut health using the Imsyser Gut Health Range:

  1. Imsyser’s 7 Day Deep Intestinal Cleanse
  2. Imsyser’s 12 Strain Pre & Pro-biotic Microbial Stabiliser Liquid.
  3. Then supplement with our latest add on: CoQ10

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