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New “Immunity Booster” Destroys Viruses

.New “Immunity Booster” Destroys Viruses. Infections

New “Immunity Booster” Destroys Viruses. This has been my best weapon against ALL types of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases these past 9 months over and above optimizing my Immunity. Yes, the COVID-19 corona virus is highly infectious but if you are taking the necessary precautions with surface infection:

Wearing your very best nanotechnology activated silver mask when you do go out:

What’s left is the very best Immunity optimising, some healthy fresh air & exercise daily,  enough good rest and sleep and a daily detox maintenance to secure all viral loads are minimised:

Studies show a strong Immune system can help STOP a viral infection before it takes hold but seniors and compromised adults are dying at a much higher rate and we need to pay attention. The Immune System is EVERYTHING so that those dangerous viruses or bacteria cannot take hold. Remember our bodies are already FILLED with viruses, including coronaviruses.

In fact we have more virus cells in our body than you do your own cells – for every human cell in your body – you have about 10 virus cells……8% of our DNA is now made up of ancient virus DNA. We are full of both harmful and benign viruses (and bacteria and other germs) all the time. It is about the balance – in favour of which party – that makes all the difference.

Thanks to something called “antibodies” our Immune Systems are perfect at preventing disease, Viruses, Bacteria, and other Microbes causing havoc in your body. When out of whack your Immunity becomes the weak link and eventually the cause of disease – disturbances or ‘dis-ease’ – arises which upsets the equilibrium of the body.

I realized the key to curing infectious disease was working with the perfect tool God gave all of us but with modern day toxicity your very best Immunity had better be better than best and ensuring your toxic load and waste of such load is minimise to ensure you healthiest balance is maintained:

Vulcan Silver benefits:

Parasitic infections

Anti-Inflammatory infections

Supports Autoimmune diseases


Respiratory diseases

Anti-Viral & related infections – HIV/AIDS & related:  

Vulcan Silver not only is able to stop the HIV virus from replicating at a very early stage, it is effective against all strains of HIV but also interferes with the binding of the virus to the gp120 receptors.

Silver couldn’t concentrated without the use of agents such as proteins or ions. Because they all carry the same electrical charges. Like repel and opposites attract. Which is why pure colloidal silver will never exceed 20ppm (parts per million).

This means that to take medicinally relevant doses of colloidal silver you would have to drink about 50 litres of it a week, the water alone would make you sick not to mention the fact that at those volumes you would almost certainly get Argyria (blue skin) because of the innate properties of colloidal and the FDA has published guidelines to this effect.

Working properties of Vulcan

The working properties of Vulcan have taken the silver molecule and re-engineered it, sort of given it quantum properties. Quantum refers to an object that can be in two places at once. With the patented method of Vulcan, they have taken the silver molecule and imbued it with both a positive and negative charge (referred to as bi-pole). It is in what he calls a state of flux. 

This allows the silver molecules to ‘attract’ to each other. Aggregate without the need for ions or ligands of any type. Allows for high concentrations of 10 000 ppm as is the case with Vulcans 50ml bottles. Concentrations of up to 1 000 000 parts per 1 000 000 (dry powder) making it easier to administer medicinally in relevant doses. With just 50ml per week without any of the side effects associated with colloidal/ionic silver. 

Quite simply I took a dose a day. If any trigger symptoms like a scratchy throat or any irregular symptoms arose, I simply up’d the dose for a day or 3. To 2-3 times daily. Energy levels went though the roof. 

Do I count my Blessings? Yes every day and continue to do so; but I have also ensure I serve my body best in the most compromised of times. For more simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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